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The Top 10 Best Video Games for Kids to Get them Started in Gaming

Video games have been around since the 1950s and are something that parents have been playing for decades. But what if you want to share that love of gaming with your children? What are the best video games for kids?

Obviously, there are a ton of choices, from PS4 games to Nintendo Switch games to games purely for PC.

However, we’ve compiled a list that doesn’t focus on or favor one system over another. It’s all about finding a way to get your kids interested in gaming.

Read on to discover 10 of the best video games for kids available today.


Minecraft is the most obvious choice on this list. It’s quite well-known that it’s one of the very best video games for kids.

Over recent years, Minecraft has essentially become the ultimate kids game, teaching them to use their imaginations and embrace their creativity. It’s both entertaining and educational.

In Minecraft, players build on their own or together with other players. Near-limitless options are available to them. They create and navigate their own, unique worlds.

Another great thing about Minecraft: it’s available for virtually every gaming system.


Similar to Minecraft, Roblox is another game geared toward younger children, typically kids 12 and under.

In the game, over 60 million players participate in almost 30 million different mini-games created by members of the Roblox community.

The best part, though, is that children can be more than just players. They can also be creators and make and upload their own games.

Your kids can sign up to play Roblox for free, although there are some in-game purchases that they might want to make. It can be played on a PC/Mac or Xbox One.

Mario Kart

With millions upon millions of games sold, Mario is hands down the most popular video game character of all-time. There’s a very good chance your kids are already aware of him.

Another great thing about Mario is that all of his games are typically kid-friendly, especially Mario Kart, which features the high-speed action of racing games without any of the violent carnage.

If your kids are interested in racing or cars in general, Mario Kart should more than likely appeal to them. The most recent version of the game is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Mario Party

If your kids don’t seem to like Mario Kart, you may want to try Mario Party, which offers them the chance to play countless different mini-games.

The best part about Mario Party is the variety. Each mini-game has its own unique qualities, and every player is bound to have a favorite.

Mario Party has been around since the original game came out for the Nintendo 64 in 1998. The most recent version is Mario Party: The Top 100, which can be played on the Nintendo 3DS.

Any Of the LEGO Video Games

Your kids probably enjoy playing with LEGO toys, so there’s a good chance that they’ll enjoy most of the LEGO video games.

Although the LEGO games are kid-friendly, the puzzles and tasks featured in them can sometimes be quite difficult, which will make working together with your kid to solve them all the more fun.

Plus, the LEGO video games feature major characters from all different types of movies, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Jurassic World. Your kids will love being able to play as a character they are already familiar with.

MLB The Show

Do you have a son or daughter that’s a big sports fan? Are they constantly participating in pickup games outside or sorting through stats on the computer?

Well, we have some good news: there are plenty of terrific sports games out there. This is especially true if your child is a baseball fan.

Have them put down the baseball player cards and the baseball team trading pins and grab a controller to face off against you in MLB The Show.

The most current version of the game is MLB The Show 17. It features all the best players in the league, all of the major ballparks, and team rosters that you can keep up-to-date whenever a trade or free agency signing happens.

Animal Crossing

Your kids may be too young for some of the more mature aspects of The Sims, but that’s okay. Animal Crossing offers a similarly fun experience for a younger audience.

In the game, the player is a human character that moves into a neighborhood filled with anthropomorphic animals, whom you converse with and perform tasks for in order to earn special rewards.

The first Animal Crossing game arrived on Nintendo Gamecube in 2001. Now, though, there’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which is a mobile game that people all over can play on their phones.

Zoo Tycoon

If there’s not enough actual animals in Animal Crossing for your kids, maybe they would enjoy Zoo Tycoon instead.

In Zoo Tycoon, players can design, build, and manage their very own zoo. Watch as your kids adopt and care for these animals. They can even release some of them into the wild

Available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, this is the perfect game for animal lovers.

Just Dance 2018

Do you want a game that will have your kids standing up and being more active? If they like to dance, then Just Dance 2018 could be the perfect fit for them.

In the game, players must mimic the on-screen dancer’s choreography to a chosen song using the system’s motion controllers.

Popular songs in the game include “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars and “Bad Liar” by Selena Gomez.

Just Dance 2018 is available for all major video game systems.

Star Wars Battlefront II

We’ve already mentioned Star Wars with the LEGO games, but Star Wars Battlefront II actually allows you and your kids to become the franchise’s most iconic characters.

Grab a lightsaber and transform into Luke or Rey. Shoot a blaster like Han or Finn. Fly through the galaxy like Wedge or Poe.

Please remember, though, that this game, like the movies, does feature violence that might not be suitable for children that are too young.

When Buying the Best Video Games for Kids…

Keep these 10 titles in mind when you are searching for the best video games for kids. They are all great options that could fit your child’s interests, whatever they are.

Purchasing one of these games should provide your family with a fun gaming experience that you all can enjoy together.

Do you have any other gaming questions or concerns that you think we could assist you with? If so, please contact us so we can help!

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