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How to Create The Ultimate Sports Entertainment Room

Everyone needs a retreat, especially a sports fanatic. A place where you can watch the game with family and friends or just escape from the world. Are you ready to create the ultimate sports entertainment room?

Keep reading to learn more about creating your dream sports entertainment room!

Pick the Theme of Your Entertainment Room

The first step in creating your ultimate sports entertainment room is to pick and them for the room before you start making any changes. This will help you pull together a cool looking but an organized room that suits your needs.

Is this an all NFL or MLB room that highlights several different teams but focuses on the sport as a whole? If you’re including memorabilia from multiple teams, be careful to organize them in distinct areas of the room. The competing team colors can be distracting if they’re all thrown together.

Are you focusing on one team? If you’re going with one team – great! Pick your prized items like rare memorabilia, autographed items or unique wall art and make them the center of the room. Instead of plastering team logos everywhere, use team colors for furniture or walls to keep the focus on your favorite gear.

If the theme of the room is based on all sports teams in a specific geographic area, follow the same rules as if you were highlighting multiple teams in the same sport. Organize your room into sections, allowing each team a specific section so that the colors don’t clash.

Determine How Your Plan on Using the Space

What are you using the space for? A room for your family to play games and hang out? Is it a place just for you to escape from the world? Or is it a man cave you can use to host all of your friends to watch the big game?

Knowing how you’re going to use the space will help you to select the best layout for your room. In most cases, use your biggest wall for your entertainment center (which we’ll talk about in more detail in the next section).

Choose furniture that’s sturdy. Pivotal moments in the big game can cause some excitement, so anything too delicate or that will show spills should be avoided. A solid wooden coffee table is probably a better bet than a glass table. Couches in leather or darker fabrics are better than a suede or white/light fabric.

Versatility is also key. Ottomans and stools are a great way to add extra seating if you’re hosting a large group of people. They’re also easy to move around and people can pull them up to a couch or counter to join a conversation

If the entertainment room is going to be used as a spot to host your buddies, a wet bar and refrigerator are a must. If your kids will be using the room to play video games, consider investing in some special gaming chairs to enhance the experience.

Choose Your Entertainment Center and Rec Room Games

Every entertainment room will have an entertainment center as its focal point. Investing in a high-quality television and audio system will enhance the experience for both you and your guests.

Choose a television that will fit the room. Yes, often bigger is better, but if the room is smaller, and oversized TV can make the room seem too small.

As you’re choosing your audio equipment, you’ll be able to choose from wireless components or a more traditional wired system. Depending on how handy you are, you may want to have it professionally installed. You’ll also want to make sure that you have the electrical in the room up to snuff in order to be able to support your entertainment center.

Rec room games are a great addition to any man cave and entertainment room. If the primary focus and activity in the room will be the entertainment center, you may want to choose smaller and quieter rec room games.

There are a lot of great options to consider. You can select more traditional table games, like ping pong, a dart board, or pool table.

If the theme of your room is tied to a specific sport like soccer or hockey, bring in a mini basketball hoop, foosball or air hockey table. Maybe you want to branch out into something more creative like a shuffleboard table or a pinball machine.

Vintage video games are also always a great choice for players of all ages.

Begin Decorating

Once you’ve chosen your theme, understand how you’ll use the space and have your entertainment elements chosen, it’s time to start decorating.

Select lighting that will work best with the space. Task lighting is important for most rec room games and over a wet bar or counter space. Ambient lighting that fits the mood is important for the rest of the entertainment room.

Wall paint and decorations should fit with the theme of the room. If your entertainment room is more of a traditional game room, hunter greens and deeper blues work well. If you’re decorating with a team in mind, you can choose one of their colors to paint the walls.

Another great option for your walls is to go with a more neutral color to best highlight your memorabilia. Use this really cool wall art instead to focus on your favorite team.

If you’re going to be using items from a specific team or sport, incorporate newer items and vintage memorabilia to help round out your room. If you’re looking for some cool decorating ideas, consider including some of these items:

  • Neon signs and wall clocks – these can really spruce up the look of the room and add extra lighting if you need it
  • Bobbleheads, busts, and mini-statues – if you’ve got a favorite player or two, you can honor them by putting a few of these up on a shelf or bookcase in your entertainment room
  • Felt banners – another great wall decoration idea to honor championships, accomplishments and all-time legends

All of these items can enhance the cool factor for your perfect man cave and entertaining space.

Final Tips for Creating the Ultimate Sports Entertainment Room

Even if you don’t have the budget to create the room of your dreams, you can still get started with the basics and continue to build your room out over time.

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