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8 Rugby Apps on iOS and Android

Rugby has been around for years, but in recent decades professional leagues have amped up the hype for this game.

It truly is a sport like no other. It has the contact of American football without the padding, and an endurance comparable to hockey or soccer. The game is no joke.

In fact, some call it a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen.

If you’re not sure about getting on the field, or you don’t have the time for it, you can play online. You just have to know the right rugby apps to download on your iPhone or Android.

Here are the top eight apps we’ve found for all things rugby.

1. Official Rugby World Cup

The next Rugby World Cup isn’t until 2019.

But, the Official Rugby World Cup app can help you track qualifications and updates until then.

Plus, when the games roll around you’ll already be familiar with the interface to track stats, brackets, and more. You can personalize it to focus on your favorite teams or use it to track everything as you go about daily life.

There are even a trivia quiz and weekly video quiz that roll out when the games begin!

You can also play a few matches of your own with the dream team and predictor game feature.

2. Ultimate Rugby

The Ultimate Rugby app was made in part by a professional rugby player, for rugby fans of all ages and levels of enthusiasm.

It’s another great tool to keep up with the games leading up to the cup.

This app allows users to access scores in real-time or catch up with games via video highlights.

For those who are interested in all the details, Ultimate Rugby makes it easy to find player and club information. Such info includes social media profiles, rugby news and updates, and ticket knowledge.

3. SuperBru

To fully experience the action of rugby games, make your own team.

SuperBru is the Fantasy Football and March Madness of the rugby world. It lets you pick a team, play against friends in mini leagues, and more.

Outside of your digital league, SuperBru gives you access to real-life wins.

The app’s game predictions feature offers weekly prizes for those who can predict game results. To get better at reading plays and making predictions use the help of NRL tips.

Right or wrong, though, SuperBru is arguably the perfect balance of real-life tracking and digital interaction.

4. Rugby Nations

If you just want to play some rugby from your phone without worrying about what’s going on in the leagues, Rugby Nations is for you.

For $5, you can download this on either an iPhone or Android. Then, play as much as you want!

You start with one player as a rookie with the goal of making it to the top. Along the journey, this character goes through amateur and professional leagues, based on teams all around the world.

As you move up, your player gets more access to tournaments with other players. This means you get real-time competition with other users on their screens.

It’s all the competition and camaraderie of rugby without the heavy impact.

5. Flick Kick Rugby Kickoff

Some rugby fans love the kick more than any other part of the game.

But, there aren’t that many rugby apps that let you just play to kick. Unless you download Flick Kick’s Rugby Kickoff app, of course.

This free app allows you to practice your form, take on sudden death, or kick against the clock. There’s even a leaderboard to track your progress and try to make it to the top!

There’s no prize for being #1, other than the recognition of being the best kicker in the virtual world of rugby.

Still, this app is a great way to feel the thrill of the game from the comfort of your couch.

6. Rugby Kicks

If you’re looking for more playing modes and game options from kicking rugby apps, download Rugby Kicks.

This has over a dozen ways to play as you aim for your target and kick. It’s a free solution to keep your gaming desires satisfied.

Play it when you’re hanging out on the couch or to make half-time pass a bit quicker while your favorite team is playing on the big screen.

7. Rugby Manager

There’s more excitement in the world of managing rugby on top of being a player.

Managers see everything from the big picture and have a direct hand in a team’s ability to perform. They oversee training, defense and offense strategies, and lineup.

You can put all of this power in your hands through the Rugby Manager app.

This is another free rugby resource with endless gaming opportunities.

You can recruit and train each team member on a one-on-one level. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, there are strategy insights to help you out.

Then, see how it all comes together and put your team to the test in real-time matches against other virtual managers.

8. Rugby Training

After spending so much time on rugby apps, you might want to try your hand at rugby in the real world!

But, it’s a good idea to train first.

You’ll need to work on strength as well as stamina, which can be a little tricky to figure out. Download the Rugby Training app to make it easier.

This app comes with specific workouts and video tutorials to ensure you’re doing every movement using correct form. These come in individual sets or with a combination of drills ready to run you through a full training session.

You can even set everything up on a schedule, or to pick different exercises as you go through each day.

Discover Your Favorite Rugby Apps

No matter if you get into gaming because you love rugby, or if you’ve been involved in digital challenges for a while, there is always something new coming out.

Keep checking back for more updates and insights on the best rugby apps. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite ones with us, either!

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