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What You Need To Know About Setting Up A YouTube Gaming Channel

A YouTube gaming channel is a great way to express your love for gaming while building a fanbase. Some YouTube gamers’ platforms grow so much that they get paid money for their gaming videos. In fact, YouTuber PewDiePie makes millions of dollars every year off of his gaming videos.

Making the jump from novice to gaming royalty on YouTube takes time. A lot of steps are involved in setting up a YouTube gaming channel.

You should also be prepared to invest some money. The competition in the gaming industry is fierce. In order to stand out, you’ll need to make high-quality videos that attract even casual YouTube browsers.

Finding Equipment For Your YouTube Gaming Channel

To create a successful channel, you need content. To create content, you need equipment.

Let’s take a look at the kind of equipment you’ll need below.

A Capture Card

A capture card is a piece of equipment that allows you to capture high-definition footage via an HDMI cable. With a capture card, you can record video off your PlayStation 4, X-Box ONE, and other HD-compatible consoles.

If you don’t have a capture card, you can rig a set-up using a composite cable. However, composite cables don’t transfer HD video and audio. And HD quality is what you should be shooting for.

All the big YouTube gamers deliver HD videos. The picture and sound of their videos are razor-sharp. Using composite cable will result in blurry footage that many viewers shy away from.

Capture cards can get pricey. A high-quality capture card will put you about $150 in the hole. But if you want to make the best videos possible, that $150 is worth it.

To find out more about capture cards, it’s best to contact a retailer who specializes in audio and video equipment, such as Eastwood Sound and Vision.

A Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets are a must for every serious YouTube gamer.

Gaming headsets are nice in general. They immerse you further in your favorite action and adventure games. They also allow you to hear your friends clearly while you game together.

A YouTube gamer will want a gaming headset for commentary purposes.

You can record commentary one of two ways. You can record it live while playing your favorite games. You can also record it post-video, or after you’ve already recorded your gaming footage.

In either case, a gaming headset will let you hear your commentary as well as the game. If you are doing post-video commentary, you can play back your commentary and edit out or redo the lines you don’t like.

Gaming headsets range in price from a few dollars all the way up into the hundreds. Thankfully, you can find quality headsets in just about every price range.

A Microphone

A great gaming headset doesn’t necessarily come with a great microphone. And a great microphone is key to recording excellent commentary.

A poor microphone can ruin viewers’ experience watching your videos. They don’t filter out background noise, they cause static and echoing, and they make the speaker sound far away. Very poor microphones can also create random, sharp noises that are painful to listen to.

For that reason, you’ll want to test your gaming headset’s microphone prior to starting your first video.

If you find your headset’s microphone inadequate or not to your liking, you can buy an external microphone.

External microphones are microphones that plug into your computer. They come in a variety of sizes and use a stand or tripod to remain erect.

This kind of microphone varies in price. You can find a decent one for around $50 and up. Some external microphones can cost as much as hundreds of dollars.

Video Editing Software

Many computers now come with video editing software. For example, all Windows OSs come equipped with Windows Movie Maker.

The problem with these programs is they’re usually low-end. They can render a video, sure, but they can’t do much more than that. They won’t give you the quality that will make you competitive in the gaming industry.

For example, most big YouTube gamers include custom graphics in their videos. These graphics include overlayed images, starting slides, ending slides, and the like. You need something more sophisticated than Windows Movie Maker to feature those elements in your videos.

Many YouTube gamers turn to Sony Vegas Pro for their video editing needs. Sony Vegas Pro is indeed a nice piece of software. It features industry-standard hardware acceleration as well as the ability to render HD videos and remix multilayer tracks.

Its high quality also makes Sony Vegas Pro an expensive piece of software. You won’t find a copy of it for any less than hundreds of dollars.

Sony Vegas Pro might be worth the investment down the line if you find success in building a fanbase. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to Windows Movie Maker and the like for now. See how you feel about making gaming videos first and then decide if it’s worth a huge investment.

Your Computer

It goes without saying that every piece of hardware and software that you buy must be compatible with your computer.

Review all of your ports and your computer’s specs. Keep them in mind when looking at any and all equipment that you plan to purchase for your YouTube gaming channel.

The best equipment in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t use it. That goes double if you purchase it, open it, and can’t return it.

An External Hard Drive

Your computer might have crazy amounts of memory on it, but video files take up a lot of space.

In order to back up your YouTube gaming channel content, you should invest in an external hard drive. External hard drives can contain several terabytes of space and are perfect for backup purposes.

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