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The Evil Within 2: A Horror Game On Psychedelics

Horror fans love a great interactive video game.

Rather than watching a horror film play out, players can feel like the main character. You have a chance to be the protagonist shooting zombies, fighting spirits, and discovering terrifying worlds.

Which is why The Evil Within is a popular video game for gamers and horror connoisseurs. Players can be Sebastian Castellanos as they fight off disfigured creatures that you will only find in your nightmares.

With the popularity of the first Evil Within game comes Evil Within 2. This one is perfect for fans of old-school horror films and fans of the first game. Here’s why you should join Sebastian on his nightmarish quest.

The Story

This story picks up several years after the first edition of The Evil Within ends.

You’re still playing as the detective Sebastian Castellanos. Sebastian is still grieving over the loss of his family while experiencing turmoil over his battle in the hellish world.

But Sebastian decides to enter his worst nightmares once again for a chance to save his daughter from the Union.

The Beginning of the Game

The Evil Within players won’t be surprised when the game first enters. While the world is hellish and grim, the Union is the same as its always been. A lot of the set-ups and missions are similar to the ones you endure in the first game.

However, some of these early missions set up some differences between this game and the first game. They will make more sense as the game progresses.

As You Play

One of the biggest differences between the second game and the first is how there is more action and adventure. The first game was more isolated and very structured. The second game has a lot more freedom.

You can wander around and explore the world. You can talk and interact with more characters. There are also optional events you can engage in.

These characters and events are vital to the game. You’ll discover the Union’s history, some hidden areas of the nightmare world, and you can endure other treks you never did in the first game.

These small details add a whole new atmosphere to the Union. While it’s still a terrifying world, the second game gives it more character.

For players from the first edition of The Evil Within, some areas require backtracking. This could interfere as the story progresses.

Surprising Features

There are multiple surprising features of the game. For example, there’s a large map to pinpoint where you are and where you need to go. But there are off-the-beaten paths on the map. And it’s encouraged you visit those places.

These unmarked areas are where you’ll find your most valuable resources. But don’t think you can find them easily. Expect to battle ghosts and run into other surprising situations.

You’ll also get more adventure from the explorable areas rather than the areas required for your mission. Expect to meet creepy monsters and other horror-filled adventures.

The Game Gets Creepier

Everything doesn’t remain comfy cozy and familiar for too long. Eventually, the Union descends into chaos. The world Sebastian knows turns on him, creating a nightmare where he can’t escape.

The Union turns a small town into a drug-filled trip: streets become vertical, fires ablaze, and blood shoots out in a very Shining-esque way.

The Union turns into a unique nightmare; ghosts and zombies are a thing of the past. This nightmare takes the unordinary and the unexpected, taking a world you thought you knew and transcending it into something else.

These terrors are more similar to an LSD or psychedelic mushroom trip gone bad. You may feel the need to take a Rapid Detect Inc urine test after playing this game.

Sebastian Castellanos

In the first game, Sebastian Castellanos struggled.

It was his first time entering the Union and didn’t know how to handle this nightmare world. But in the second game, Sebastian is hardened. He has been through the Union and expects to fight off a ghost or a monster.

Sebastian even shows confidence in strange ways such as developing a sense of humor and being able to approach challenges with ease, rather than being weary like he was in the first game.

But Sebastian also has one goal in mind: rescue his daughter. This goal is what truly makes him grounded.

The Villains

Sebastian isn’t alone in his quest to rescue his daughter. He has a myriad of villains who give him an extra challenge. While some of these villains are scary monsters, some are even scarier because they’re so human.

Here are some of the most popular antagonists you’ll be acquainted with:

Stefano Valenti – Stefano Valenti doesn’t seem like a bad guy. He’s an extravagant person and dresses very well. However, he’s one of the evilest characters in the game.

Stefano has little regard for people, twisting and molding them to his liking to create his morbid version of ‘art.’

Stefano is the one who is seeking to kidnap Sebastian’s daughter, Lily, wanting her for her incredible powers.

Anima – This is a mysterious ghost who haunts the streets of Union. Anima likes to target certain individuals, tormenting them to insanity or trying to kill them. Anima has a liking for Sebastian.

Ruvik – Ruben Victoriano, or Ruvik, was the primary antagonist in the first Evil Within game. But his character appears less in the second game. Ruvik looks like a living corpse with his frail, pale figure and his collections of scars and burns.

Sebastian is one of Ruvik’s puppets in his mentally deranged world. Ruvik is out to seek revenge and wants the world to be his victim. He loves targeting Sebastian’s happy memories and love for his family.

Laura – This creature was once Ruvik’s sister, but she’s later been transformed into a multi-limbed creature. She was a prominent monster in the first Evil Within but quickly dies in the second game.

The Evil Within 2 is Terrifying but So Much Fun

Prepare to enter the world of the Union. Join the detective Sebastian on his hunt to rescue his daughter from Stefano Valenti.

Fight off enemies such as Anima and other strange monsters. But Sebastian has evolved and is braver — but will his previous experience with the Union prepare him for brand new terrors?

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