spanish movies for beginners

Boost Your Language Skills with Spanish Movies for Beginners

Thinking about learning another language?

With 41 million Spanish speaking people in the United States alone, Spanish should be at the top of your list of languages to learn.

The benefits of being multilingual are numerous, and learning a language isn’t as daunting of a task as it may seem with the right resources.

Check out these Spanish movies for beginners to start learning Spanish today.

The Best Spanish Movies for Beginners

There are plenty of great Spanish movies for beginners available to stream online. To browse your options, click here!

Some of our favorite movies to stream include:

Ocho Apellidos Vascos (A Spanish Affair) 2014

The plot of Ocho Apellidos Vascos is centered around the idea of a “clash of cultures”. This story follows a girl from Basque and her love interest, a guy from Sevilla. The families they come from are very different and learning to make things work without causing any problems can prove difficult.

Ocho Apellidos Catalanes (A Spanish Affair 2) 2015

Part two of Ocho Apellidos Vascos, this movie features a scheming father. The girl from Basque’s father plots to try to prevent his daughter from marrying the man from Sevilla.

Palmeras en la Nieve (Palm Trees in the Snow) 2015

Palmera en la Nieve, or Palm Trees in the Snow, is a romantic drama set in the former Spanish Guinea. The main character, Killian, returns to his home to farm cocoa with a family of Spanish colonists. While he’s there he learns what life in the colony is truly like and falls in love.

El Desconocido (Redemption) 2016

This movie is an action-packed thriller full of injustice and revenge.

Set against a backdrop of modern-day Madrid, the plot follows a bank director who is extorted while on his way to take his children to school.

The Benefit of Learning a Language with Movies

When you use books, worksheets, and audio recordings to learn a new language the words and phrases you learn will be stagnant.

Applying this very inflexible portion of the language to day-to-day use in a conversational setting will prove difficult.

However, when you use Spanish movies for beginners to learn the material you’ll be learning from will be flowing and more applicable to life.

When you watch movies to learn Spanish you’ll see first-hand people using the language in a way that is natural to native speakers and hear common phrases and expressions that may not be in a textbook.

You also get the benefit of visual cues attached to the language which is something that a book just can’t offer.

Start Learning Spanish Today!

Learning to speak Spanish with Spanish movies for beginners will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

You’ll probably surprise yourself with how easy and conversation the language will feel over time when using these resources.

Want more movies to watch or games to play to keep your skills sharp? Check out our reviews for more ideas.