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5 Awesome Couples Costumes for Video Game Geeks

It’s pretty amazing how popular video games are getting. Last year, the industry brought in more money than ever, raking in a staggering $91 billion!

And if you’re about all things gaming, you’re probably into cosplay. While planning cosplay for one person can be tricky enough, planning couples costumes is a different beast altogether.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are five easy video game couples costumes that are fun, easy, and sure to impress at your next party or con.

1. Mario And Princess Peach

Ah, Mario and Peach. Perhaps gaming’s first couple, unless you count the original Donkey Kong.

Regardless, there’s no beating a classic. Mario and Peach is a fantastic couples costume that really lets Peach shine. Mario’s costume is a simple set of overalls, red shirt, and red hat.

But Peach’s costume is a bit more elegant. With her pink dress, big, blonde hair, and jewel-filled crown, this is the ultimate costume for a gamer who wants to show off.

2. Team Rocket

No need to let the heroes have all the fun, sometimes it’s better to be bad. You and your significant other can enjoy a walk on the darker side with Team Rocket cosplay.

White pants, a white shirt, black shoes (you can find great examples here!), and a black belt are all that’s needed to pull off this dastardly couples costume. You can even embroider a big red ‘R’ on both shirts to make it more accurate.

And of course, no Team Rocket outfit is complete without a Meowth for good measure. Parents can dress up their little one as Team Rocket’s feline companion for a little extra fun.

3. Link And Zelda

2017 was a pretty great year to be a Zelda fan. Link once again made a huge splash this year with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, the series’ biggest game to date.

And with it came another tale of our hero Link attempting to save Princess Zelda from certain doom.

This is a fantastic idea for the couple who wants to get a bit more dressed up than the standard outfit.

Between the elf ears, green tunic, and Zelda’s crown, it’s a bit harder to make. That said, it looks fantastic when pulled off well.

4. Geralt And ???

Speaking of sprawling open-world adventures, who can forget about The Witcher 3? When not slaying monsters or beating the locals at a game of Gwent, Geralt was torn between two lovers.

The first, Triss, his on-again-off-again fling, and the second, Yennefer, who raised his adopted daughter, Ciri.

We know choosing between the two was quite a point of contention for most gamers, so we’re not going to choose here.

Just know that both make great couples costumes.

5. Splicers

Would you kindly take some inspiration from BioShock? Rapture isn’t a haven for romance, but there’s no denying that the Splicers had a pretty unique Style.

Hit the thrift store to find some old clothes that’ll make every Big Daddy and Little Sister jealous.

Couples Costumes For Every Gamer

Which of these five awesome video game couples costumes will you break out at your next event? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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