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The Spring 2018 Fashion Trends We’re Gushing Over

Holiday carolers might be polishing their song lists right now, but we’re already thinking ahead to spring.

When temperatures begin to rise and we can finally break out of our heavy winter layers, we want to be ready to shine. Forget parkas and snow boots! Let’s talk warm weather fashion!

Some runway-inspired looks can be difficult to pull off if you don’t have a waist the size of a thimble or a workplace that allows sheer, flesh-toned tank tops adorned with oversized black pasties.

That’s why we’re so excited about these new Spring 2018 fashion trends. In the face of haute-couture typically leaning to the otherworldy and unobtainable, the looks that debuted during this year’s Fashion Week are refreshingly practical and accessible.

Even if you’re not rolling with a Balenciaga budget, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate these styles into your everyday attire.

Today, we’re discussing some of our favorite looks that we adore, and how you can translate them from the runway to real life.

So put away those toboggans and mittens for a second, and let’s get into it!

Plaid, Menswear Blazers

Sure, pantsuits are synonymous with professionalism. But unless you’re on the campaign trail or rocking a toupee, you may feel out of place wearing them in the everyday.

The 80s did quite a number on our concept of power dressing. While Melanie Griffith looked boss repping that gigantic gray, plaid jacket in Working Girl, that’s one look we thought would be hard to bring back, and we were right.

Until this year.

Balenciaga took everything that’s great about power suits (that goes-with-anything steely gray!) and removed everything not-so-great (those mile-high shoulder pads!).

The result? A sleek, totally-wearable power suit. Thanks to the eye of new creative director Demna Gvasalia, it has just the right amount of drama, with cuffed trousers swapped for pants and a jacket that falls almost to the bottom of them.

Want to take this look to work?

Transform those mid-90s plaid pants you’ve still got in your closet by cutting them off at the knee and sewing a cuff. Then, add a checkered blazer and brightly colored top underneath and you’ll be channeling your inner Cher Horowitz in no time.

Black and White Screen Prints

Forget Campbell’s soup cans.

Raf Simons, who became the chief creative director at Calvin Klein after leaving Dior, turned to the Andy Warhol Foundation to transform the line’s trademark simple style. Yet, he wasn’t drawn in by the Technicolor pop art we all associate with the icon.

Rather, he took a deep dive into Warhol’s more intense, often grim images that are less neon-Marilyn-Monroe and more ominous, black-and-white solemnity.

Think ambulances. Knives. Even an electric chair.

Then, he screen-printed them onto delicate and pretty wares, like a white mesh top and baby blue shift, and adorned them with tinsel.

While we’re not sure if your employer or your mother would approve of you turning into a walking horror film, we love that Simons wasn’t afraid to shake it up a little.

One of the best parts of this Spring 2018 fashion look? How well the black and white popped against the clothes. Warhol’s portrait of Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider looks so great on a dainty tank that we almost forgot his character Billy is killed by a truck driver right before the credits roll.

Pull out your favorite graphic tee, tuck it into a feminine floral skirt and throw on some heels. If we learned anything from this look, it’s that mixing the gritty with the pretty is A-OK.

Jock Jams Reimagined

Recall your golden years of high school and the thrill of getting pumped up with school spirit? For many of us, that memory is forever linked to Jersey Friday! There was nothing more thrilling than walking the halls and seeing your favorite numbers by the locker.

Today’s version is less varsity football and more Vogue. Fashion house Monse really aced this test, with glittery jerseys and decorated sweaters that exude school spirit and have us thinking back to those gymnasium pep rallies.

Offering similar looks, Nicopanda and LaQuan Smith debuted a Fashion Week version of that infamous “Senior Hall” you weren’t cool enough to sit in until 12th grade. From jocks and cheerleaders to rebels and punks, everyone can find a place here, and isn’t that what fashion’s all about?

One more thing to note about this athleticwear trend shaping Spring 2018 fashion: It’s as comfy and practical as it is chic. When you’re ready to ditch the stilettos, hop online to grab a Saks Off Fifth coupon, and head straight to the sports section.

Then, throw on a pair of shin-high combat boots, bust out that letter jacket, and be totally on-trend.

Controversial Shoes That Actually Rock

Does the idea of Crocs conjure up images of your eclectic aunt kneeling in the flowerbeds? Do dad sneakers remind you of your old man at Disney World in 1994, fanny pack and Umbros in tow?

It’s time to give these footwear options another look.

From the Backyard to the Streets

Let’s start with the Crocs. Arguably no shoe line has been so, ahem, creatively reinterpreted than the Croc. While there are some versions we’d like to bury in the garden along with those winter greens, today’s adaptations are changing the game.

Take Balenciaga, for instance. Back in February, they debuted their Spring 2018 fashion twist on the footwear, creating what they dubbed “The Foam.” Essentially Crocs clogs (try saying that five times fast) with a platform heel, they’re unexpectedly fresh and cool.

While Gvasalia predicts that you’ll one day be able to 3D-print these shoes yourself at home, you don’t have to wait for technology to catch up before you start rocking this trend. Wear those rubber babies with confidence, no matter which style’s in your closet. If Crocs were ever having a moment, its now.

Pop Style is Fresh Again

Remember when that cool girl in school started wearing Sperry Topsiders and everyone was like “Why is she wearing dad shoes?” Then, we all went out and bought some too?

This is like that, but instead of deck shoes, we’re talking about dad sneakers.

You know the kind.

They’re all-white. They’re shaped kind of weirdly and they tongue sticks up just a little too much. They’re usually paired with ribbed socks rolled down at the ankle.

Well, they’re back and we’re here for it, and here’s why: With the advent of athleisure that’s sweeping the Spring 2018 fashion world, you need sensible footwear to complete the look.

Sweatpants are finally back in style, which means our dreams of going out in our loungewear finally came true. Why ruin the comfort with a pair of strappy, squeezy Jimmy Choos? Dad sneaks all the way, baby.

Louis Vuitton offers its take on the classic by injecting a little color into the scene. Jet-black borders wrap around the sneakers, which also include pops of gray, yellow, and even neon tones.

Re-creating this look is simple. Raid your pop’s closet or pump up your kicks with some thick white laces. Then throw on your hoodie and yoga pants and go.

Taking Spring 2018 Fashion to the Real World

Whether you’re headed to work, preschool drop-off, school, or anywhere else, you want to look your best. But, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with fashion trends, especially when they’re changing and morphing at a lightning pace.

That’s why these Spring 2018 fashion looks are so exciting. They allow you to leverage pieces you already have in your closet and upgrade them to daily rotation status.

That grungy concert tee you haven’t worn in ages? That blazer from Gadzooks that hasn’t seen the light of day since Diddy was Puff Daddy? Those tennies that you only break out to do yard work?

They’re all cool again, and repurposing them saves you time and money: a total win-win.

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