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Top 8 Action and Adventure Games to Buy in 2017

It’s getting colder and darker – which means it’s time to grab new video games and get stuck in during the evenings. Are you after new action and adventure games?

There are loads of new games worth checking out in 2017. But it’s always hard to make a choice.

So to narrow your choices, here are 8 action and adventure games you should collect and conquer this winter.

1. Mafia 3

You don’t necessarily need Roisdor grillz to be a real gangster.

It’s been out for a little while, but Mafia 3 is still worth picking up in 2017. Super stylish, and with a great story backing the action, it sees your character secure their status as a fearsome criminal.

People who have already played the first games know all about the quality this series offers.

2. Lawbreakers

Any fans of Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch will love LawBreakers.

Play with gravity to get the drop on your opponents, select from a number of characters and arsenal of unique weapons, as well as several game modes to mix things up.

3. Resident Evil VII

The terror continues in the latest installment of the famed horror series Resident Evil.

Survive while being stalked by nightmarish enemies and defeat massive bosses. A true return to form.

Plus, there’s an apparently ‘large’ DLC pack coming in December, which you’ll get at no extra cost. But there’s lots of terrifying new settings and enemies and more of the story that you know and love.

4. Cuphead

Thanks to its eye-catching hand-drawn art and challenging gameplay, 2D platformer Cuphead sold over a million copies in the month from its launch date.

It also features a local multiplayer mode, so you can share the fun (and frustration) with a friend. And blame each other when things go wrong.

All in all, a great game.

5. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Alright, this one isn’t a full game. But you’d be mad to miss out on Dishonored 2’s DLC.

In a world of strange powers and dark plans, will you be the one to bring about the death of the god-like Outsider?

6. Battlefront 2

Didn’t get your fill from the first Star Wars Battlefront? The sequel returns with settings and characters from all the movies, including the upcoming Episode VIII.

This time around, there will also be a single-player campaign. We’re really looking forward to this one!

7. Titanfall 2

Adding a new story and loads of new hulking titan types, Titanfall 2 is everybody’s dream.

Providing that your dream is watching giant robots tear each other apart. If it isn’t, we’re not sure what to say to you.

8. Sonic Mania

Let’s go retro.

Most of us have very fond memories of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games. So a return to side-scrolling platforming is very welcome, particularly after some of the less-than-average 3D offerings over the last decade or so.

Sometimes you’ve got to go back to go forwards.

Looking for Something Other than Action and Adventure Games?

If action and adventure games aren’t your thing, or you’ve already got all of these games, no problem.

We’ve also recently listed the top sports games you need to pick up if you fancy that. Dig into our blog and see what else you find.

Let us know if you find something that isn’t on our list – we want to play too!