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ESports Training For The Digital Athlete

Ready to take on a new challenge in the form of eSports?

When most people hear “sports” and “professional athletes,” they think of humans at the peak of their physical abilities competing against one another. They think of agility, strength, and strategy.

That last characteristic carries through to some of the more nuanced sports. Chess might not be the most physically demanding of games, but it’s a sport that challenges competitors to out-strategize their opponent.

Enter the rise of eSports. Taking video games to the next level with head-to-head competition. And just like athletes of traditionally thought of sports, competitors in video game tournaments require eSports training as well.

It’s a rigorous, demanding challenge that requires dedication and determination from the players.

Read on to find what it takes to become an eSports champion.

Game Training

As expected, being an eSports athlete requires a lot of gaming.

2015 BlizzCon World of Warcraft champion Rene Pinkera shared that he and his three teammates trained some 6 to 12 hours a day leading up to the competition. It’s a full-time gig for these competitors.

Competitors have to learn techniques and strategies specific to their game so that they’re ready for any situation their competition might throw at them. It might just seem like some guys pushing buttons on a controller, but at high levels of competition like these, you have to make decisions and reactions in an instant.

Like a soccer player training daily with a ball, video gamers have to stick to their eSports training until they’re masters of the game.

Physical Training

You might not think it, but eSports athletes that rise to the top actually have a fitness regiment to help gain an edge.

Sitting for 6 to 12 hours a day can be quite taxing on the body. Most players are aware of the benefits of stretching, particularly of the hands and wrists to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. But those that go above and beyond understand the importance of exercise.

eSports training won’t have you bench lifting 300 pounds, but there are some fitness regiments you should consider. Particularly, upper body strength of the arms and shoulders is beneficial for long hours of gameplay.

And posture is everything. It’s easy to sink into a hunch after a couple hours of gaming, but that’s a quick way to fatigue the body. Many video game players would benefit from incorporating the Alexander Technique into their eSports training.


The typical image of a video gamer is in the basement with a pile of discarded energy drinks and emptied bags of chips surrounding the entertainment console.

eSports athletes are the opposite. Proper nutrition is a vital component of being at the top of your game. Processed foods and energy drinks are often loaded with sugars that offer little nutritionally and are counter-productive for sustaining long hours of gameplay.

Athletes of all kinds need supplements to sustain their fitness needs. Check out Sportsfuel to find protein powders and other supplements.

Start Your eSports Training Today

Whether you’re a PC gamer or a console gamer, there’s a gaming league out there waiting for you.

The competition is great, but the camaraderie you’ll experience in a community full of other like-minded gamers is a great joy to experience.

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