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7 Fishing Charters Every Angler Needs to Take

One of the biggest thrills of fishing isn’t what you’ll catch. It’s where you’ll end up when experiencing new fishing charters.

These excursions remove the tiresome activities of fishing. Without them, you can spend more time relaxing and doing what you love.

It’s one of the reasons why you enjoy fishing games — that whole getting to kick back on the couch thing.

Check this out:

We’re looking at some of the best fishing games. Then, see if we could convince you to actually get out and try it in real life!

Getting a Taste through Video Games

Does anyone remember those monochrome fishing games shaped like a fishing rod? Those were great.

Fast forward and now there are quite a few games dedicated to the sport:

Then, you also have fishing in-game that’s a lot of fun, too:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Animal Crossing
  • Stardew Valley
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

There’s something quite relaxing playing a game and being able to get ingredients. That all-around fun within the fantasy world.

It may have even inspired you to give fishing a try in real-life.

A basic fishing is about $30 (or so). Though, it’s a little less fast paced as doing so in games. Still, it’s fun because it’s relaxing and challenging.

Let’s crank up the hype…

Seven Fishing Charters (RPG Style)

Imagine the outing like you’re playing Life RPG. It’s a fun exercise you can stack on these fishing charters because it follows a lot of the same rules.

The boat would have its selection of upgrades. Same for the fishing gear that upgrades from an Old Rod to a Graphite Gung Ho rod.

Now you’re equipped with the right gear and stats.

Here are some destinations to choose:

Florida Keys, FL

The Florida Keys divide into many islands. On each, you’ll find different challenges and exciting catches. It’s ranked one of the best saltwater fishing spots in the world.

Plus, its long, sandy beaches and laid-back attitude makes for one helluva time!

Cape Cod, MA

On the long arm of Massachusetts sits the historic little town of Cape Cod. Here you’ll do battle with bluefish, tuna, and, of course, cod. You’ll love the crisp weather and fishing spirit found in this wonderful town.

San Diego, CA

Head out West and find yourself immersed in sunny weather and pearly white beaches. The fishing around San Diego presents a unique challenge.

Here you’ll find marlin, yellowfin, albacore, and several other big game fish.

Devils Lake, ND

Devils Lake is a salt lake located in North Dakota. Its central point for water runoff swells the lake to enormous proportions. You’ll love the nature and the thrill of hooking White Bass, Crappie, and Northern Pike.

Bristol Bay, AK

You’ll catch some of the best salmon in the northern hemisphere. Plus, you can kick back in some of the most scenic, relaxing lodges in the State.

Bighorn River, MT

Guided tours of the river are always plentiful for this year-round fishing spot. You’ll catch brown trout but that shouldn’t deter you! It’s something different for beginner and expert alike.

Galveston, TX

The Gulf of Mexico will give you access to great fishing spots all along this 30-mile stretch of beach. Take on Kingfish or Dorado. Or, land you a snapper that will make a hearty meal after the big outing.

Quite an adventure, yeah? Make sure you’re bringing the right supplies!

Level Up those Life Points

We know, there’s a huge leap going from fishing in games to getting on a boat and doing one of these fishing charters.

That’s the neat thing about video games: they inspire.

Who knows? Maybe it’s something you’d be into. It’s worth a try especially if it levels up your real life RPG stats!

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