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How to Find Design Inspiration From Celebrity Style Clothing

The clothes you wear are a visual shorthand for your personality. Decadent or practical, serious or a bit silly, they broadcast what you value to everyone you meet. In order to stand out, you might try donning some celebrity style clothing. And in cultivating any style, the devil is in the details.

In order to stand out, you might try donning some celebrity style clothing. And in cultivating any style, the devil is in the details.

Celebrity Style Clothing for the Everyman and Everywoman

Pay no mind to the runway or the red carpet. Look instead to the celebrity on the street. Someone like Kendall Jenner. When she’s not making the rounds during fashion week, her casual dress illustrates how a few accessories can make the mundane into the extravagant.

The fashion world mines her every outfit for inspiration. Clearly, she’s doing something right. That she was able to make the much-maligned fanny pack fashionable is proof of that.

But for a supermodel or an actress price is rarely an object, and even a star’s casual wardrobe is typically out of reach for us mere mortals. Worry not, for the fact that most of us can’t afford to drop $23,000 on a Chanel watch can is no reason to lose heart.

Compensate with a Bit of Creativity

A classic move is to merely mimic celebrity style clothing with more reasonably priced options. Designer labels make a statement, but it’s not worth selling your plasma when you can something near identical right off the rack.

Alternatively, you could just take your fashion cues from celebrities whose tastes run more on the frugal side. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t be glamorous.

Don’t Just Rip-Off Celebrities

Perhaps you couldn’t care less about fashions of the rich and famous. We’ve talked before about celebrity over-exposure spilling over into aspects of life where it doesn’t belong, and it’s totally understandable to want to do something unique.

The same rules that apply to those of wealth and taste apply to you, though. If you want the perfect mix of personality and economy, accessorizing is a word you’ll want to learn.

Even if you’re the classic graphic tee and jeans type, adding a little something to your outfit will set you apart.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Something as simple as a pair of graphic socks can make a statement.

Yo Sox is a novelty sock and underwear company out of Canada. Their designs send the “fun, but downplayed” message you want.

Make it Your Own

Above all else, follow your own intuition and express your passions.

You may express your love for your favorite anime by incorporating elements of the characters into your day-to-day wear.

Or if your boss won’t let you wear your cosplay to work, take inspiration from your favorite characters in assembling your next ensemble. Disney fans have been doing it for years to get around rules about adults wearing costumes in the theme parks.

And try not to worry too much about whether you can pull a look off. With enough confidence, you can get away with anything. I think John Waters said it best: “Have faith in your own bad taste.”

So get cracking. Draw inspiration from whatever resonates with you, and just add a bit of personality to make it uniquely “you”.