Bucks Party

The Geekiest Bucks Party Ideas

A fun party is in the eye of the beholder. There are multiple opportunities to get down and make memories with your favorite people.

But geeks are a special breed. There are the couch potatoes who love playing video games, the ones who can have all-nighters at the comic book store, and the ones who collect action figures.

So what do you do when you want to turn up in the geekiest way? Poppin’ bottles and all-night clubbing aren’t for everyone. There are fun-loving geeks who want to get down with some education or playing a fun game.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a simple get-together with friends, here are some one-of-a-kind tips for geeky Bucks Party ideas.

Beer and Wine Tour

When it comes to alcohol, you won’t find nerds chugging PBRs or taking shots. They enjoy the finer side of alcohol.

This is why a beer or wine tour is perfect for a geeky Bucks Party. You’ll usually pay a flat fee and be able to enjoy a copious amount of alcohol. In addition, you’ll receive education on these types of alcohol.

For additional ideas, touring a brewery is both an impactful and educational party where you also drink freshly brewed beer.

If you’re a wine lover, many high-end liquor stores and specialty wine shops host wine tasting events that explain each type of wine and how they’re made.


Sometimes, the most fun activities are the ones you did when you were young. Who said a group of adults can’t still enjoy a crazy match of paintball with your best friends?

Whether you go to an arena or create your own, paintballing is a perfect Bucks Party. You and your friends can have fun while enjoying the nostalgia.

The best part about paintballing as adults: you can drink alcohol after the match to ease the pain of being hit. Or being on the losing team.

Don’t feel like going out and getting paintball gear? Or do you fear the idea of getting hit with those painful colorful paintballs? Fortunately, there are video games that give you a virtual paintball experience.


If you saw yourself becoming a superhero when you grew up, or you fancy the idea of flying on a jetpack, your dreams may come true.

Introducing flyboarding. This device climbs out of the water and makes you stable in the air. In short, flyboarding makes you be able to fly…sort of. But close enough.

This is especially beneficial for those who also love water sports. You get the thrill of a sport and the chance to be a superhero or futuristic cool guy, all in The Bucks Co package.

Time to Book Your Bucks Party

Parties aren’t all about getting wasted. Living it up by paintballing and educating yourself on alcohol are great ways to host a fun day with your friends.

If you’re ready to party, go ahead and book your Bucks Party. There are several exciting options to choose from.

Whether you’re a nerdy wine connoisseur or you’re a geek for extreme sports, there are a variety of ways Bucks will get you to party.

Are you still looking for more geeky ways to party? The opportunities for nerdy fun are endless, check out some nerdy stuff here.