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Top 5 Grand Theft Auto Soundtracks of All Time

Can you imagine playing any video game without the soundtrack? It would ruin the whole experience.

This is especially true for Grand Theft Auto. GTA soundtracks have become as legendary as the game itself. Many people found that the in-game radio introduced them to music they continue to love in real life.

Music can make or break the mood of any game. The good news is that GTA fans have tons of amazing music to choose from.

Here are the top Grand Theft Auto soundtracks of all time.

Best of Grand Theft Auto Soundtracks: Vice City

Without any argument, the Vice City soundtrack gets the very top spot. The 80’s had incredible music, and Vice City takes full advantage of it. From the very beginning, as Billie Jean blares from the speakers, you know you’re in for something amazing.

The soundtrack is a huge part of what makes Vice City one of the best GTA games ever. It makes you feel like you’re in the 80’s and participating in life in that decade. From Hall & Oates to “Video Killed the Radio Star,” nothing beats the Vice City soundtrack!

Runner Up: San Andreas

From the 80’s into another iconic music decade, San Andreas lets you drink deeply of 90’s classics. Because it was set in 1992, it missed out on some of the music we love from the decade, but you’ll still find plenty to choose from. You’ll feel like there are rap beats for sale around every corner!

N.W.A., Primal Scream, 2Pac, and Depeche Mode are just a few of the big names that appear on the San Andreas radio dial. You’ll never get tired of hearing this diverse and eclectic music set.

Third: Vice City Stories

Vice City Stories has a lot of the same pluses as the best of all Grand Theft Auto soundtracks, Vice City. It’s set in the same era, but slightly earlier. So in addition to the amazing jams from Vice City, you get Phil Collins, Run D.M.C., and Roxy Music.

It doesn’t have quite the impact of the top spot on this list, but it’s not far behind. That’s why Vice City Stories ranks third among Grand Theft Auto Soundtracks.

Fourth: GTA IV

Not every gamer will agree, but GTA IV had some pretty incredible music. It blends modern hits with classic music. A major winner on this soundtrack is “The Seeker” by The Who.

The in-game radio station The Journey was soothing and great for cruising. You also can’t complain about Smashing Pumpkins, Tom Vek, or Aphex Twin on other stations.

The biggest draw for GTA IV, however, is the variety. A huge selection of music plus add-ons from downloadable expansions mean that you’ll never get bored with the music in GTA IV.

Fifth: GTA III

Grand Theft Auto III has a major claim to fame on its soundtrack. Most of the music is original, and there are also a lot of unknown artists on the radio dial.

Each of the games eight stations was tailored to a specific game audience, and “Fade Away” was a memorable takeaway song. While it wasn’t as expansive or iconic as following games, GTA III did a lot to lay the foundation for music in the franchise.

Song Swap: GTA Soundtrack Favorites

Grand Theft Auto’s music is iconic and may be among the best in all of gaming.

What’s your favorite GTA soundtrack? Share in the comments!

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