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Get Your Game On: Find The Best Fantasy Sports App

Do you know what the best fantasy sports app is?

If you’re not using the right fantasy league app, you’re missing out. Picking the right app can make all the difference in your fantasy game play experience.

For the upcoming fantasy sports season, make sure your app has everything you need, so you can focus on winning!

With so many fantasy leagues and so little time, choosing the right one can seem daunting. In this essential guide to choosing a fantasy sports app, we’ll show you how to easily pick the right one so you can get your game on faster.

Read on to find out what the best apps for your league are.

1. The Best All-in-One App

Fantasy football is the big one, but you might be a fan of baseball, basketball, or hockey, too.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your favorite fantasy games, CBS Sports Fantasy is the app for you. It lets you easily bounce from one game to the other depending on the time of year, without needing to open a new app.

CBS Sports Fantasy also offers season projections by player, both live and mock drafts, draft guidance, and player news. Get all the information you need in one place with this awesome app.

2. The Best Fantasy Football App

If fantasy football is your poison, you can’t go wrong with the Draft Wizard app.

This app offers compatibility with many different platforms, like CBS, NFFC, MyFantasyLeague, Yahoo,, and more.

Although it’s a bit pricey, the great features that come with this app make it worth it. You’ll get player info, mock drafts, a draft analyzer, and cheat sheets, among other great features.

One of the best features is a live draft assistant. This gives you professional help to help you make your best sports pick.

3. The Best All-Around App

For a great general app that meets all your basic needs, ESPN Fantasy Sports is the way to go.

This app has football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, making it a good competitor with CBS Sports Fantasy for the well-rounded sports experience. Play in private or public leagues, using mock drafts, player rankings, and other great details.

You can even track your performance every week with emails through the app. This is a good, basic, all-around app for the fantasy sports enthusiast.

4. The Best Variety App

If you want to experience some different games in the off-season, you’ve got to try DraftKings.

This app supports the major sports: football, hockey, soccer, baseball, and basketball. However, it also comes with options for fantasy golf, MMA, Nascar, and the CFL.

When your favorite sports are in the off-season, try one of these other games for a little fantasy variety. This app promises unlimited fun throughout the year.

Ready to Play With a Fantasy Sports App?

In the modern world of gaming, there really is a fantasy sports app for everyone.

We know you’ll find great game play on one of the apps listed above. Once you know what you want to use the app for – whether it’s professional help with draft picks, or a chance to try out fantasy Nascar – making the right choice is easy.

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