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Miami Announces Heat Tickets Are Going Mobile-Only

Most of us have used mobile tickets to enter sporting events or concerts. But what if it was an absolute requirement? Well, this year it will be when it comes to Miami Heat tickets.

The NBA’s Miami Heat have announced that starting with the 2017 basketball season, all fans that want to see them play in person will need to enter the arena using mobile tickets on their smartphones.

There will be no more paper ticket option. This is definitely big news.

In going mobile-only for Heat tickets, the team is the first in the NBA to make this drastic change. Last season, about one-third of Heat attendees used mobile tickets to enter Heat games.

So is this a good move for the franchise? Let’s take a closer look.

Mobile-Only Heat Tickets Let Them Know More About Who Enters the Arena

This will help the Heat organization understand more about their customers while also providing additional security functions.

In addition, mobile-only Heat tickets will be an added level of fraud protection, keeping people with fraudulent tickets out of the arena.

Will the Tickets Still Be Transferable?

One of the main concerns for fans is whether or not these mobile Miami Heat tickets will be transferable. This is a big concern, because transferred tickets are a large part of how fans get to games.

While the Heat promise that all mobile-only tickets will be fully transferable, it’s not hard to imagine technological glitches that could cause problems.

Hopefully, as the season progresses, any potential glitches will be worked out and ticket transfers will run smoothly between paying customers.

What About People That Don’t Own Smartphones?

This one’s a challenge and hasn’t been fully addressed by the organization. But it could hurt attendance numbers a bit.

About 77% of Americans own smartphones in 2017. But that still leaves almost one-quarter that don’t.

How do these fans plan to make it to Miami Heat games?

This could be another reason your grandfather doesn’t go watch NBA games in person any longer. Only 42% of Americans over the age of 65 currently own a smart phone.

No More Souvenir Ticket Stubs?

Many people like collecting the ticket stubs of events they’ve attended. With this new mobile-only option, that won’t be possible as Brad Ziegler of the Miami Marlins pointed out in his Tweet a few weeks ago.

It’s possible that the Heat will come up with a plan to resolve this issue with fans. They are considering an option of adding a keepsake paper ticket at an added cost.

The Future Is Now

Whether you’re a fan of the move toward mobile-only tickets or not, it looks like that’s where things are heading.

If you expect to walk into Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena with Miami Heat tickets in 2017, be ready to use your smartphone to make it happen.

Our opinion on the change is still forming. But there’s no doubt the future is here, and the Miami Heat are blazing the trail toward mobile-only ticketing.

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