Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Will Win Back Fans With Second Generation Update

Niantic recently confirmed the future addition of more Pokemon to Pokemon Go, and rumors are circulating that this could be Gen 2 Pokemon. If this is true, this will mean that most of your Johto favorites will be in the wild for you to catch, in addition to the original 150. This could be the update that Pokemon Go needs to regain its lost fanbase after failing to consistently update the game.

With Super Mario Run on the horizon, Nintendo’s first major mobile game, Pokemon Go needs to step up its game if it wants to attract phone users back to its platform. Generation 2 Pokemon might just be the solution to this. Pokemon Gold and Silver — the games that introduced Generation 2 Pokemon — are beloved by older fans of the franchise. Not only could you trek through the new world of Johto, but you could return to Kanto, where the original Pokemon games were set, and it introduced a lot of fan favourite Pokemon.

Adding new Pokemon into the mix would address issues regarding the scarcity of new Pokemon to find. Many users complain that the wild is chock full of Zubats, Rattatas, and Pidgeys, but rarer Pokemon are painstakingly hard to locate. By making the process of catching Pokemon less frustrating, users will be more likely to engage with the game for longer periods of time.

Introduced alongside Generation 2 were the Steel and Dark types, a slew of new legendary creatures, and different Pokeball types, which would all fit quite nicely into Pokemon Go. New types add depth to the battling meta while legendary creatures give fans long-term goals to aim for to keep playing. But new Pokeball types might be the most spectacular idea here. They would incentivize players to search for Pokestops and would make it easier to catch Pokemon that flee quickly. Perhaps, just like the GameBoy games, you collect acorns and then leave those in an incubator-like module to harvest into actual Pokeballs.

What Generation 2 brings is a fresh start. You could select a new starter and venture off on a new journey. For users not acquainted with the older games, learning about a new cache of characters would be more than enough reason to keep playing.

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