Report: Third Alolan Pokemon Game – Pokemon Stars – To Be Released Next Year For The Nintendo Switch

The Pokemon frenzy is escalating once more as Pokemon Sun and Moon — the seventh generation of the famed series — were released today. As if that news weren’t sweet enough, there are inklings of hope that a traditional third game is already hot in the development stages. Eurogamer is reporting that this third entry — apparently titled Pokemon Stars — will make its debut later next year.

And that’s not even the most surprising news.

The game will reportedly launch on Nintendo’s newest console: the Nintendo Switch.

While Stars was originally scheduled for a release next summer, its timetable was pushed back to ensure that the Sun and Moon were perfected before release. However, all three games have reportedly shared the same development cycle.

Because of this, Pokemon Stars will apparently feature the traditional tweaks characteristic of later entries to a generation such as Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Crystal, and Pokemon Emerald. Specifically, players will still traverse Alola, though the stronger resolution of the Switch will add a significant upgrade to the game’s three-dimensional design. Pokemon Bank will also enable players to move Pokemon between all three games despite the console barrier. There are even rumblings that new version-specific Pokemon will be added to Stars.

The proposed move would be partially surprising. Throughout the years, Nintendo and Game Freak have remained adamant that Pokemon’s charm lies in being a strictly-handheld series. And while the Pokemon Company has released spin-offs on home consoles before, this would mark the first mainline entry to appear on anything apart from a handheld model.


The Nintendo Switch could revolutionize the next gen of Pokemon game.

Yet, if there were any home console for Pokemon to debut on, it would be the Switch. For one, the Switch boasts impressive flexibility as both home AND mobile hardware, meaning that the game would still be playable on the go like its counterparts in the series. Yet adding the option to stay home and play Pokemon on your wall-perched flat screen is a game-changer. Previously, home console games such as Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 have offered players the chance to play their GameBoy Pokemon games on television screens, but these modes were nothing more than projections of GameBoy gameplay onto a bigger format. It was kind of like old-school Google Chromecasting. Pokemon Stars, however, would be the first Pokemon game adapted specifically for the controls and engine of a home console.

Fans of the hit series have long chirped for a version on a home console, whether that be a remake or a brand new game. The real question becomes whether Stars would indicate a permanent switch to the home console for Pokemon. Because the Nintendo Switch is both stationary and portable, the future of strictly-portable consoles is cloudy at the moment, meaning that there may not be another console to develop future generations of Pokemon on other than the Switch.

The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, and Nintendo have all remained quiet on rumors surrounding this third game.

Are you excited for the prospect of a Pokemon Game on the Nintendo Switch? What do you want to see added to Pokemon Stars? Let us know in the comments!