Nintendo Releases Old Game Manuals in Light of NES Classic Edition Launch

The newest craze to hit the internet streets is Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, a console pre-loaded with 30 NES games to play. So, what would be better than owning this incredible retro homage to Nintendo’s primeval era? Owning the console AND the manuals that were packaged with each game at release. Fortunately, Nintendo has re-released manuals for each title in the console’s lineup, from the venerable Super Mario Bros. Series to Tecmo Bowl.

On the website, each manual is displayed in two forms. The printed manuals are cut-and-dry replicas of the manuals placed inside the games at launch, while the electronic manuals synthesize the older manuals into an updated format. Both are helpful if you get stuck on a pesky level and need some clues on how to zip right through.

The trend of re-releasing historical memorabilia is relatively unexplored in gaming, but could be a huge subset of the industry judging from NES Classic sales. Amongst society, gamers are some of the most notorious collectors out there, shoveling as many old cartridges, magazines, and controllers into their closets as possible. Nintendo is sitting on a large golden egg in their rich past, and repackaging older limited edition tokens for fans to purchase may spark sales and fan re engagement. By revitalizing old IP in this way, companies such as Nintendo could pave the way toward bringing back dead franchises to larger audiences. I mean, how awesome would a modern day Gradius or Ice Climbers be on the Nintendo Switch?

For now, though, you’ll have to settle for the NES versions of these franchises. Hopefully, these high sales will drive Nintendo — along with its competitors — to explore the retro market, reminding gaming’s earliest aficionados why they fell in love with playing video games in the first place.