5 Video Game Franchises That Deserve A Reboot

Not every franchise is created equal. Some games spawn many sequels and have a line-up that goes far into the distant future, including franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Call of Duty. Other franchises, however, tell a very different story. A series can be thriving, loved by many, but then disappear. For one reason or another, developers sometimes lose interest in a franchise and step away from it. This is a list of 5 franchises that absolutely deserve to be revisited.

1. Mega Man


Ever since the original release of the 1987 classic Mega Man (entitled Rock Man in Japan), the series has since spawned over 130 other titles including sequels and spin-offs. 130. That’s a lot of games, folks. However, the Mega Man series has been quiet since 2008. Even then, there hasn’t been a main entry to the series that holds the same gameplay and feel since the Mega Man Zero spin-offs. Even though there are enough Mega Man games to last a  lifetime, I think a reboot in the style of the original title is well-deserved.

It’s worth mentioning that Mega Man has had a spiritual successor of sorts entitled Mighty Number 9. However, Mighty Number 9 didn’t have the same creative level design and rewarding game feel that made Mega Man great, earning it a 52/100 on Metacritic. I’m holding out for a real Mega Man game.

2. F-Zero


F-Zero is one of the most fast-paced racing games ever created. The original F-Zero was released in 1990 for the Super Nintendo, with the most recent installment coming in 2004 entitled F-Zero Climax. Despite F-Zero’s 12 year long hiatus, Captain Falcon (the main protagonist from the series) has appeared in Nintendo’s inclusive fighting series Super Smash Bros. In 2015, Miyamoto revealed in an interview with Smosh Games that F-Zero is not a dead franchise and would return when it could be adapted creatively. There’s hope!

On a side note, have you ever played F-Zero GX? I mean I was only eight years old when I played it, but it might be the hardest racing game I have ever played. Maybe F-Zero should stay dormant after all…

3. Metroid


Metroid is the classic space adventure game where the player controls bounty hunter Samus Aran as she battles space pirates and protects the world from the parasitic Metroids. It spawned a new genre of exploration games, and its dark themes played a large part in creating the survival horror genre. Ever since Metroid Zero Mission, released in 2004, the series has gone an entirely different direction by focusing on the character development of Samus while implementing a new 3rd person shooter gameplay style. Metroid: Other M was released in 2010, and it remains the last entry to the series. We’ve been waiting six years, Nintendo!

METROID PRIME FEDERATION FORCE DOES NOT COUNT. I mean, I know it wasn’t as bad as everybody thought… but still. Blast Ball?

4. Crash Bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot was one of Sony’s most recognizable IP’s, helping push the sales of the original Playstation. Since his start Crash Bandicoot has migrated to other consoles, but hasn’t seen a new entry since 2011. 2016 has been a promising year, however, as Crash has been announced to be a playable character in Skylanders: Imaginators. In addition to this, it was announced at E3 that an HD remaster of Crash Bandicoot 1-3 is being released for the PS4. Who knows, maybe we’re being prepped for a new release?

5. Mother


This picture is from a fan made game. Mother 4 will probably never happen. I’m sorry for teasing.

That being said, the Mother series is known for being a JRPG that features unconventional enemies, story elements, and mechanics. The last installment of the series, Mother 3, hasn’t even officially come to the US yet. The series is widely considered to be finished, as lead developer Shigesato Itoi confirmed in an interview with NintendoLife in 2015 that he has no plans to create a sequel. Just like Captain Falcon, the main protagonists from the game (Ness and Lucas) have appeared in the Smash Bros. series.

But wouldn’t it be nice for Nintendo to surprise us with a sequel? Please?

It’s always sad when a beloved franchise goes dormant. What are your thoughts on the list? Are there any franchises you want to see revisited? Comment below, and don’t forget to share the article!