Gas Guzzlers Extreme Hits Xbox One

The vehicular combat game Gas Guzzlers Extreme, formerly a PC exclusive since its release in 2013, finally released on Xbox One as a digital download on Friday 4th November. Developed by Gamepires and published by Iceberg Interactive, the game promises  a variety of game modes and intensive customisation options.

The Xbox one release includes all single player content from the original game and the two DLC packs, Full Metal Frenzy and Full Metal Zombie. These expansions add a variety of zombie themed challenges to the game, bringing the total amount of content to 12 game modes, including Classic Racing, Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag; over forty tracks, and twenty one cars, which can be upgraded by spending money earned in the campaign. However, technical issues prevented the team from implementing the online multiplayer found in the PC version, so this version of the game is a strictly single player experience.

The original release of the game received mixed reviews, with a metacritic average of 73. Generally, reviewers praised the game’s creative track design and solid controls, but criticised it’s simplicity and lack of ambition.  It proved somewhat more popular with the general public, earning a metacritic user score of 8.7 and a “very positive” rating on steam.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is available for download on the Xbox store for $24.99. No plans for a physical release have been announced, but another digital release on the PlayStation 4 is planned in 2017. You can check out the trailer here.

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