The Two Classes That Are Absolutely Crucial To Succeed In Gears of War 4 Horde Mode.

Horde is a wave based endurance mode in the Gears of War Franchise. It was first introduced in the second installment of the series and was greatly refined in Gears of War 3 with a Tower Defense model. With Coalitions latest iteration, they have evolved the mode with a series of classes that greatly increases the strategy needed as well as the teamwork required. Each class has a series of skills that can be chosen from; as these classes are leveled up, the skills can be upgraded and more can be equipped at a time. Horde mode is designed with a 5 person team in mind, leading to the 5 different classes available – Soldier, Sniper, Heavy, Scout, and Engineer. Although every class has an importance amongst the group, the two that are crucial for success are the ‘Scout’ and ‘Engineer’ classes, especially on higher difficulties. Here is a quick rundown of the two, and few tips on how to best utilize them.

Starting out, this may be the most frustrating class. The Engineer is the only one that doesn’t have any damage boost skills to choose from, and the starting weapons are the Enforcer and Gnasher; both very short ranged weapons. This class is primarily about support. Your main focus is going to be building and maintaining fortifications and defenses for your base. The Engineer automatically starts off with a repair tool (which can be purchased, but at a high power cost) and will always spawn with it after death. This is his/her most valuable asset. The most important skill to level up with the Engineer is the “Repair Efficiency” card. Not only will this increase the speed at which repairs are done, but will also reduce the power price needed. Power can be in short supply, so any amount saved is precious.

As you continue to progress with the Engineer and upgrade his/her skills, you can acquire discounts for items purchased from the fabricator (the object that produces fortifications, weapons, etc.). At that point, you and only you should be working with the fabricator. Not only will you obtain these discounts, but also skills that increase the durability and effectiveness of turrets, sentries, and barriers. It’s a good idea to hold off on building too much until you’ve reached the 8th, 9th, and 10th wave of each set, for that’s when you’ll be needed the most. A fully leveled up Engineer can create a near impenetrable fortress and is essential in the team’s advancement.


The thing about constantly building and upgrading your base is… gets expensive quickly. That’s where the Scout comes in. The Scout has a passive ability that doubles the power picked up if collected mid-battle. This is HUGE! Power is life, so the more you have, the longer you’ll survive. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should be reckless in your pursuit to gain this power. Sometimes, if doable, it’s easiest to wait until only 1 or 2 enemies remain and then run around picking it all up. Not only does the scout receive double power, but if the skill “Deposit Bonus” is equipped (which it should always be), then when all that power is deposited into the fabricator, you’ll receive an additional bonus.

With all the necessary treks to be taken across the battlefield, the Scout comes well equipped to handle up close situations with the Gnasher shotgun and a Retro Lancer machine gun; both of which are short ranged powerhouses. The Gnasher will become his/her best friend with Skills available that will drastically increase damage output, increased magazine size, and maximum ammo capacity. Furthermore, the Scout becomes a virtual tank when the following skills are used…

Health Boost – Increases Max Health

Health Regeneration Boost – Increases the rate of health regeneration.

Rage – Returns an amount of health when inflicting either melee or shotgun damage.

As you continue to strengthen this class, you’ll be able to increase the range at which you pick up power, your overall movement speed, and reveal the location of every enemy on the map for the entire squad to see. Waves 1 through 7 or 8 are crucial for the Scout to collect and deposit power found around the map so that the Engineer can be well prepared for the inevitable Boss that comes on the 10th wave of each set.

A fully leveled up character can only equip 5 skills at a time, so pick and choose the ones that suit you best.


So there you have it, our rundown on what we believe to be the most important classes in Horde mode. Tell us, what is your favorite class to play as? Was this brief rundown helpful to you? Let us know in the comments.