Introducing Nintendo’s New System – The Nintendo Switch.

Here it is, after months of speculation, rumors and leaks we have finally been given our first glimpse into what Nintendo’s future console is going to be. The almost four-minute-long trailer that just went live shows us the Nintendo Switch; a console not too far from what we had believed it would be. It is both a portable and home console that seems to have to separable controllers that can be used in a variety of different ways. These include use with the tablet like device, with a separate controller for playing at home and also can be used separately for more party centric games.

In the trailer, Nintendo also revealed a handful of games that will be coming to the system. These included surprises such as; Skyrim and NBA. While these are older games, The Nintendo Switch will bring a level of portability to them that we have never seen before. Other games that seemed to be announced for the console were; Mario 3D world, Splatoon, Mario Kart and of course Zelda: Breath of the wild.

Also confirmed was the release window which is stated as March 2017. Here’s hoping to hearing a lot more about this exciting new console in the coming months.