5 Last Gen Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Games Worth Revisiting

Now that we are comfortably into the current generation of gaming, I thought it would be fun to revisit some older Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 titles that hold up still today. This isn’t a list of the top 5 last gen games of all time, but rather my personal opinion on a handful which I thoroughly enjoyed and which might be worth you, the reader, revisiting.

5) Brutal Legend

This gem of a game went mostly unnoticed, which resulted in the sequel never being made. Brutal Legend was a blend of action-adventure and real-time strategy where Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black), is a rock and roll roadie who gets transported to an alternate Earth which resembles ancient times with a heavy metal twist. The game world is expansive with a ton of side missions to complete, while the dialogue is pleasantly cheesy and about as funny as it gets. Taking out your enemies with a combination of battle axe and guitar (the ax of the rock world) is surprisingly rewarding. If you’re a fan of either action adventure or RTS (or even Jack Black for that matter), Brutal Legend will definitely be worth your time.

4) Portal 2

portal-2Portal 2 is the sequel to the 2007 hit, ‘Portal’. This first person puzzle shooter was an absolute joy to experience with a story that’s more fleshed out than its predecessor, finely tuned mechanics, excellent puzzle design and a dark sense of humor accompanying the player throughout. Top all this off with a completely separate yet full co-op campaign, and what’s delivered is a sequel that surpasses the original in almost every way. If this isn’t already on your to-play list, it should be added immediately!

3) Batman: Arkham Asylum

The first title in the Batman Arkham series (and arguably the best) was a huge accomplishment for both Rocksteady and the Dark Knight himself. Before its release, the Caped Crusader had been on a losing streak as far as video games were concerned. Impressively, Asylum commanded the all-star voice cast from the 90’s animated cartoon series (which was possibly its strongest attribute) and allowed the player to experience both the hand-to-hand combat and detective sides of Batman. In addition to extremely satisfying and efficient combat mechanics, another element that contributes towards its excellence is the story, which is by far the best in the series. If you have yet to jump on this Rocksteady bandwagon, now would be the perfect time to do so.

2) Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

spider-web-of-shadowsWhen asking a player what the best all time Spider-Man game is, more often than not the answer will be “Spider-Man 2” for the original Xbox and Playstation 2. Although that was a wonderful title for our favorite web-head, my personal vote goes to Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. This title had the rare opportunity of not being held down by a movie license, and that’s something that was fully taken advantage of by the developers. Being able to switch back and forth at will between the traditional red suit and the venomous black suit was a dream come true for any spidey fan, and this mechanic was accompanied by a morality system: the player would be faced with difficult decisions that ultimately had to be made through a dark or light path. That itself is almost enough appeal to revisit this web-slinging title, but it also holds the combat high point of all Spider-Man games, allowing you to quickly switch between ground, air and wall combat systems. It’s exhilarating, and it’s a combat style that I believe has yet to be matched.

1) Ninja Gaiden II

new-pics-in-ng3-ninja-gaiden-24846289-1920-1080Possibly my most played single player title on the 360, Ninja Gaiden II was released during the summer of 2008. Despite its age it holds up magnificently today. Ryu Hayabusa is the world’s most deadly Ninja who completely ignores the shadows in favor of a brutally aggressive ‘in your face’ alternative. The gory yet satisfying combat is spectacular with extremely responsive and fleshed out controls. This stays true for all 8 of the fully upgradeable melee weapons acquired throughout the campaign. The story is that of vengeance for the murder of his entire clan, and this dish is served bloody with and an extra side of guts. Although Ninja Gaiden II is a bit more linear than Ninja Gaiden (original Xbox) it is a huge step up in action and gameplay. This is one action-adventure game that shouldn’t be missed.

There you have it, 5 last-gen games that should be on everyone’s to-play list. I’m not saying they’re the only ones worth replaying, so let us know which of your favorite last gen games you feel are worth a revisit by leaving a comment below.

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