Top 5 Skyrim Mods

The release of Skyrim Remastered is scheduled for this October and Bethesda has promised that an important aspect of the game will now be available to console players for the first time: mods. Since its release in 2011, PC users have indulged in player made game modifications for Skyrim, adding new skills trees, enhancing the game aesthetics, and making utterly bizarre re-textures.

Unfortunately, the inclusion of console mods has been pushed back to November behind the initial launch. In the meantime this gives you an extra month to plan out which mods you’ll use to turn the game upside down, and I’m here to provide some inspiration. From cheese shouts to mighty fists, here are some mods that I think are well worth a download.

#5: Sheogorath Shout – Call of Madness


Sheogorath is such an interesting Daedric Prince that he was given his own DLC in Oblivion: The Shivering Isles. Players really took a shine to his madness, and surely nothing would please the mad god more than the creation of this weird and wacky mod. The shout alone is worth the price of admission but the extra spells and equipment are fun too. Summon helpful Breadlords or transfigure enemies into sweetrolls to your hearts content. The full three word shout calls a fiery storm of cheese wheels down from the heavens, turning the world around you into a fondue pot. It is truly magnificent to behold. For more information on the shouts (including what colourful minions Sheogorath can summon under your control) check out the Steam Community page.

#4: Project Flintlock


Skyrim is a place for swords and bows you might say, but classical thinking says don’t bring a sword to gunfight. Take down giants and trolls with flintlock rifles and blow up dragons with grenade launchers then laugh your way to their loot. It feels good, looks good, and sounds good. The ability to enchant and equip bayonets makes them feel a little less out of place, so craft away and enjoy your guns free of guilt.

#3: Immersive Weapons and Armors


While technically two separate mods, they are by the same author and within the same theme so I will list them as one. These add hundreds of armor sets and weapons, which all scale with player level. They are beautifully crafted and seamlessly integrated, giving Skyrim an even greater scope and size. Both mods really feel like a developer update and add a lot to the game, and who wouldn’t want a shiny new armor set or badass sword? For more info, including where to download them for your PC games, check out the Steam Community discussion.

#2: Grandmaster – True Unarmed and Unarmored Combat


Unarmed was sorely missed by many players at the release of the game – it became merely a footnote in the Heavy Armor skill tree and though technically ‘playable’, it was not nearly as fleshed out as any other skill. Grandmaster fixes this by adding the ability to level up by punching, along with some interesting perks. It is a ‘monk’ style unarmed with health and stamina boosts, as well as improved capabilities while unarmored. You also get the ability to add magic effects to your fists, for extra impact for dealing with dragons. On the downside, Grandmaster replaces the Speechcraft skill but who needs to talk when you have fists, right?

#1: Macho Dragons


Dragons in Skyrim have never had as much style or grace. Now dressed in the WWE Hall of Famer’s signature sunglasses, hat, and boots, dragons announce themselves with a mighty ‘OOOHHH YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!’ before spreading fire and fear. It is unspeakably incredible.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a masterpiece, and the remaster is an opportunity to bring it back in the spotlight to fill the gap currently left for Elder Scrolls 6. I have my fingers crossed that these mods will all be fully functioning with console modding, and hope that this cues other developers to open up console titles to the realm of mods.

Are there any Skyrim mods you’re particularly fond of, or feel should have been added to the list? Let us know by leaving a comment and sharing the epic-ness of modding!