New experiences coming to PSVR

With the imminent release of Sony’s PSVR, there has been a lot of conjecture about its possible uses beyond gaming, we now have confirmation that there will indeed be further ways to utilise your VR headset other than playing games. In a post released yesterday on the PlayStation Blog, Sony confirmed that a whole host of different “‘Experiences’ and Video services would be made available soon”.

They went onto to list and explain a few of the new experiences coming in the near future. These included such apps as: David Attenborough’s First Life VR, which is set to take you on a journey 540 million years into the past to discover the beginning of life itself; and Littlestar VR Cinema, where you can watch a whole host of virtual reality and 360 degree video from a variety of different networks.

Sony’s PlayStation VR is set to launch on the 13th of October with a variety of different launch games and experiences.