Pokemon Sun and Moon boxart

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Latest Trailer Reveals Starter Evolutions, New Features And Demo Release Date

With just over a month left before Pokemon Sun and Moon are officially released (44 days to be exact), fans still seem to have a lot of unanswered questions regarding the latest in the eternally-popular franchise. Luckily, the newest trailer (revealed yesterday, as predicted in our previous Pokemon Sun and Moon post) started to answer a few of those, beginning with the starter evolutions. Here’s the breakdown of everything we know from the new trailer.

One of the biggest points revealed are the second-stage evolutions for the 3 starter’s. Rowlet, the adorable grass Owl Pokemon, evolves into Dartrix, a Grass/Flying type with the ability Overgrow. Along with an amazing fringe (for a Pokemon), it conceals sharp-bladed feathers inside its wings, which is uses to attack enemies and can even bend to change their trajectories! The official description reads:

Revealing a certain snobbiness in its personality, Dartrix cares a great deal about its appearance, grooming its feathers in every spare moment. In truth, it’s also a bit of a birdbrain, with a tendency to bungle things up. Once it makes a mistake, it sometimes gets into a desperate struggle to gloss over the situation and ends up making a bigger mess than ever. At times, this Pokémon feels so bothered by its dirty or ruffled feathers that it can’t focus on battle. When it loses its focus, it sometimes even retires from the battle on the spot! It’s up to each Trainer to help Dartrix overcome this troublesome stage. If this Pokémon is with a Trainer who helps it through, its strength will grow hugely!


Litten, the Fire Cat Pokemon, evolves into Torracat, a feisty feline with the ability Blaze with an organic flame-sac shaped like a bell. If we ignore the slightly-terrifying nature of a cat that spits fire, it’s actually pretty adorable! Its description reads:

Torracat’s emotions cause a rise in the organ’s temperature, and when the organ spits flames, it rings with the high, clear sound of a bell. Torracat attacks using the flames emitted from this bell. Torracat’s mane serves as an excellent sensory organ, and it can sense what’s going on around it—even in the dark! It can also detect the presence of hidden enemies. Torracat has a great love for battle and will attack so relentlessly that its opponents lose the will to fight. And yet it sometimes behaves like spoiled child in front of Trainers or Pokémon with whom it has built a relationship of trust. The cat punch that this Pokémon can dish out with its strong forelegs is extremely powerful. It can bend iron bars and knock out large men with a single blow!


The final starter evolution is for the Sea-Lion Pokemon Popplio, which evolves into Brionne, the Pop Star Pokemon. (What a transformation!) It comes with the ability Torrent. Not only is it pretty cute and loves to dance, but it can deal massive damage by slapping its opponent with balloons! Yes, you read that part right. The official description reads:

Brionne learns its dances by imitating the other members of its colony. It sometimes even learns dances from humans. This Pokémon is a hard worker and pours itself into its efforts until it has memorized each dance. As it dances, Brionne creates balloon after balloon. In battle, it first sends its opponent into disarray with its dancing, and then slaps its balloons into its target, causing the balloons to explode and deal damage. Brionne can dance in perfect time with others, even if they have only just met. On moonlit nights, you can sometimes see throngs of Brionne dancing as one, in perfect fluidity. Brionne always acts cheery and positive. Even when it’s feeling sad, this Pokémon doesn’t allow its sorrow to show. It’s said that Brionne will only reveal a sad expression to a Pokémon or Trainer to whom it has opened its heart completely.

I think this is the first time an evolution has potentially swayed my choice of starter Pokemon!


Moving on, Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces a new area called the Festival Plaza, where you can play games to collect Festival Coins that are later spent in various shops, including a shop that appears to improves your Pokemon’s stats. These coins can earned by completing other players requests. Additionally you can trade and battle other players here, and more facilities become available as you level up.

To access Festival Plaza, you simply have to press the special icon on the bottom screen at any time and you’ll be warped directly there.


Next the trailer introduces another feature: Pokemon Pelago, which is a “paradise for the Pokemon in your PC boxes”. In Isle Abeens, your Pokemon can be used to attract others that might join your game, and who doesn’t love a free Pokemon? Isle Aphun lets your Pokemon search for items, including stones that might be hard to find normally. Finally Isle Evelup, if you couldn’t guess from the name, lets you leave your Pokemon here for training. Hopefully the next trailer will go into this in a little more detail, but I won’t say no to more ways to train my team!

Mega Pokemon will also be making an appearance in the new titles.


Alongside these new features and announcements, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be getting a special demo version, available from 18th October 2016, which will come with a special Pokemon: Ash-Greninja! It has a special ability called Battle Bond, which lets it change form after knocking out an opponent. This can be transferred to your game once it’s released, so make sure you download the demo.

The next Pokemon update is scheduled for October 14th 2016 at 22:00 JST/ 00:00 AEDT/ 14:00 BST/ 15:00 CEST/ 09:00 EDT/ 06:00 PDT. This could be the update where we see the final forms of the starter Pokemon which were rumored to have been leaked earlier this year.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release for 3DS systems on November 18th 2016. Have the new evolutions swayed which starter you’re going to get? Let us know by leaving a comment! (I’m still torn between Litten and Popplio).