Clustertruck Arrives on PC and PS4

Clustertruck, an Indie game described by its creators as “A physics based platformer all about chaos” released on PC and PS4 on September 27th after a year of development. Having already generated significant buzz  on YouTube and Reddit, where its subreddit boasts over 14,000 subscribers, the game is now available to the public via Steam and PSN for $14.99. According to publisher TinyBuild Games, an Xbox One release is coming “soon”, though no specific date has been identified.

Developed by Landfall Games, the studio behind dog-fighting game Air Brawl and popular YouTube hit Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Clustertruck is a fast paced platformer that sees players jumping across a sequence of moving trucks while avoiding contact with the ground, dodging a variety of environmental obstacles including trees, lasers, and flamethrowers, and avoiding truck crashes caused by the game’s chaotic physics. Unusually for a platform game, Clustertruck is played from a first-person perspective, and focuses heavily on the random interactions of the trucks with each other and the environment.

Clustertruck contains a campaign mode featuring ninety levels of increasing difficulty over nine themed worlds, as well as several unlock-able power ups to make the platforming more complex. A level editor is also available, allowing players to make their own levels which can be shared through Steam Workshop. The game has been designed with audiences in mind, and offers streamers twitch integration, allowing the audience to vote on difficulty boosting game modifiers such as increased gravity and inverted controls. 


For more information and screenshots from the game, check out Landfall Games website.