Nintendo Fan Combines Zelda and Studio Ghibli With Beautiful Results

Fan projects are created all of the time. It’s natural for creative and talented people to want to create something inspired by a franchise that they hold dear to them. YouTuber Matt Vince did exactly this by combining the world from The Legend of Zelda with the artistic stylings from the animation company Studio Ghibli.

The results of this mashup are breathtaking. Aided by the lovely and expressive piano soundtrack, the beautifully animated backgrounds in the trailer truly feel as if they were created by Miyazaki himself. Coming from somebody who is a big fan of both Ghibli and Zelda, seeing these two things be put together was an amazing sight.

The trailer features several fully detailed landscapes from the Zelda universe, including The Great Deku Tree, Kakariko Village, and the Temple of Time.

If you want to watch the fan-made trailer for yourself (which you totally should), you can do so here:

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All credit goes to Youtuber Matt Vince. You can find his YouTube channel here.