Dragon Ball Fusions To Release December 13th for the Nintendo 3DS

Ever wanted a portable RPG experience surveying the Dragon Ball Universe? If you answered yes, you’re in luck, because Dragon Ball Fusions was recently unveiled in a new trailer in Japanese.

According to the trailer, your personalized character will explore a new Dragon World. The game’s scheme feels oddly reminiscent to Pokemon, where you gradually increase your levels, hoard items, and recruit members to your team through battle. So what’s the difference? The combatants you’re brawling are known as “Super Warriors”, and they join your squad only after you defeat them in live-action combat. As you traverse the Dragon World landscape – often by walking or flying – you’ll encounter sinister enemies that need to be dealt with, some hailing straight from the hit television series. Many other Dragon Ball mainstays such as Vegeta and Piccolo make cameos in the clip.

We also catch a glimpse of a kid named Pinich. In the trailer, Pinich is labeled as your rival as he enters a ferocious clash with your default character. It’s also mentioned that you can elect to derive from one of five “races” – Earthling, Saiyan, Alien, Offworlder, and Namek – and each race will offer different options for voice and gender. No word yet on whether these options apply to your character only or to Pinich as well.

One remarkable new feature teased at the end of the trailer is the power to fuse together your teammates, which would explain the name Dragon Ball Fusions. We see five characters merge into one blue-haired super protagonist that most likely is a Super Saiyan. More than likely, layers of strategy will be at play with team additions. Choosing the wrong personnel to man your lineup could end with sub-optimal fusions and weaker team power.

Another facet of the trailer that catches your eye is the graphics. For a 3DS game, they’re visually enticing. But the real genius lies in the environment crafted specifically for the game:  it hits all the nostalgic notes from the settings of the old series while feeling fresh and new. Character avatars appear to be minimized versions of themselves, which embellishes the playfulness of the game’s tone. But the combat, which could end up being the meat of the game, is barely showcased in favor of flashy cutscenes. Initially, it seems to be a high-paced version of “rock, paper, scissors”, which sounds aesthetically exciting yet underwhelming input-wise. Hopefully more reaction-based battle is introduced to spruce up the variance of the action.

You can retrieve your copy of Dragon Ball Fusions on December 13th for your Nintendo 3DS. It’s time to warm up those Super Saiyan yells!