Top 5 Bioshock Vigors and Plasmids

The release of the BioShock Collection is an opportunity to revel in the atmosphere of Rapture and take in the sights of Columbia. The series’s excellent pacing, engaging story, and fluid combat come together to make an experience unlike any other. For me it was always the style of the biological powers, Plasmids and Vigors, that really set the series apart. Seeing the gruesome effects of Incinerate on Jack’s Hand and Booker’s claw-like fingernails with Murder of Crows sold the genetic modifications well.

Newcomers and veterans alike will thoroughly enjoy taking on Big Daddies and Handymen with the tasteful collection of powers in glorious high definition. Here is a list of some of my favorite Vigors and Plasmids to look forward to on your trip through the BioShock series:

#5: Hypnotize Big Daddy 


There are plenty of Big Daddies walking around in Rapture looking for a new best friend, and who could be a better choice than you? Simply throw a pheromone water balloon at any Big Daddy and watch them move heaven and earth for you. They are tough enough to take out a room of Splicers on their own, and by the time the effect wears off they should have been weakened enough for you to get an easy kill and extra ammo. What a way to send off your new pal, eh?

#4: Return to Sender


In the heat of combat it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed and needing a reprieve. While the first two games had First Aid Kits to heal up with, Bioshock: Infinite has Return to Sender, which either provides a temporary shield that protects you from all sides long enough to find cover, or a brutal attack that returns an equal amount of damage prevented right to an unrelenting enemy, shipping and handling included.

#3: Insect Swarm


The only thing worse than a bee getting into the car is a swarm of them trapped in Rapture. Your honey making host can distract and damage your foes while you reload and reassess priorities. To make them even better they even work on Big Daddies and Big Sisters. BioShock 2 upgrades it further, making every enemy killed into a beehive trap. OH NO NOT THE BEES!

#2: Undertow


Hold the power of the mighty Kraken in your hand! Push back a group of enemies with a fury of waves or rip your foes off of Columbia with a giant tentacle and send them through the clouds below. BioShock Infinite has great arenas for massive battles (complete with sprawling networks of Sky-Line), and Undertow is the perfect weapon of choice here with a combination of long distance striking and emergency close up defense. The scourge of the sea is now the scourge of the sky.

#1: Electro Bolt


Electro Bolt stands tall, in my opinion, as both the first and the best. This classic first blow of the one-two punch stuns foes leaving them wide open to some early game wrench beat down or stops them dead in their tracks late game. It shuts off turrets and cameras, paralyzes Big Daddies and, most importantly, spreads in water, making it especially good in the leaky halls of Rapture. BioShock, indeed.

With these and a dozen more powers to choose from, BioShock is full of pulse pounding action. Revisit Rapture with your old favorites or make new memories in Columbia. What is your favorite Vigor or Plasmid in BioShock? Tell us about your coolest Plasmid and Vigor fueled encounters in the comments!

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