6 Tips For Choosing Augmentations In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was a wonderful game that I thoroughly enjoyed, but it was quickly learned that a Praxis Kit (upgrade point) can be easily wasted if not properly spent. To save you from finding out the same lesson first-hand, I’ve jotted down a few do’s and don’t for choosing augmentations that could really save you a headache or two throughout the campaign.

  • Glass Shield Cloaking

This augmentation allows you to become completely invisible to the enemy. At its earlier stages it consumes Jensen’s battery life very quickly, making it fairly inefficient. This is an augment I recommend fully upgrading right away, which will make life much easier for whatever your play style is – whether it be stealthy, or run and gun.

  • CASSIE: Verbal Enhancer

Throughout Mankind Divided, you’ll have several verbal sparring matches with other characters in the game. The CASSIE upgrade will read the person you’re debating with, and recommend a certain strategy to be taken. This can really help avoid a lot of trouble and make things easier in the long run. I wouldn’t say this augmentation is a necessity, “trial and error” would probably work just as well, but it can certainly make life a little easier. One thing to note: if this upgrade sounds appealing you should unlock it straight away, as there is not much use for it late in the game. Something I found out the hard way.

  • Hacking

There are 3 different upgrades for hacking. Upgrading “Hacking capture” allows you to start a hack on higher security rating keypads (1-5), “Hacking Stealth” reduces the chance of being detected during a hack, and “Hacking Fortify” allows you to strengthen previously captured nodes and slow down the systems security. All of these definitely have their uses, but I wouldn’t suggest fully upgrading any of them. The majority of keypads and computers will have a security rating of 3 or lower, so upgrading to 4 and 5 isn’t worth the extra points. Also, early on you can start obtaining and crafting Multi Tools that work like skeleton keys and will completely bypass the need for a hack. Praxis Kits can be hard to come by and they can be put to better use elsewhere.


Hacking Stealth reduces the chance of being detected while hacking, a handy augment for anyone to have!

  • Sentinel RX Health System vs Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter

This is basically a decision on whether to upgrade max health or battery life, which ultimately depends on how you decide to play the game. If you are more akin to open combat using weapons such as guns, grenades, and the Nano Blade, then I would recommend upgrading your max health because you will take quite a bit of damage. If you prefer using energy consuming augmentations and sticking to the shadows, then the max battery life is what needs to be concentrated on. Pretty simple really.

  • Smart Vision and LiDAR Mark-Tracker

These two augmentations go together like peanut butter and jelly. Smart vision allows Jensen to see enemies through solid objects, and LiDAR will continue to track them even after Smart Vision is disabled. I would recommend fully upgrading Smart Vision, as it initially consumes a lot of energy. Upgrading LiDAR will allow you to track a larger amount of enemies at once. It starts out at 10, so I wouldn’t suggest upgrading it any further for you will rarely deal with more than that at once. These two upgrades combined will eliminate the chance of an enemy catching you off guard, and will allow for a more tactical approach to situations.

  • Remote Hacking

No matter what kind of player you are, Remote Hacking is a very valuable asset to have. With this augmentation turrets, robots, and cameras can be temporarily disabled from a distance without causing any suspicion. So whether you’re trying to sneak into a restricted area, or just want to take a turret offline before taking out a group of enemies, Remote Hacking will make life a lot simpler.

These 6 tips cover what I feel are the biggest concerns when upgrading Jensen. Although there are several other augmentations to choose from, they mainly come down to personal preference. If you’ve already played Mankind Divided, what do you think to the above points? Are there other paths or tips you’d suggest? Let us know by commenting below.

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