Super Mario Run Coming to iOS in December

Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo walked onto Apple’s Keynote for the iPhone 7 to unveil his company’s plans for a new Mario game. Super Mario Run will be coming to iOS this December.

This game will not be an endless runner, but instead will be an auto-runner. Both Nintendo and Apple want to make it clear that this game can only be played with one hand. The primary way of controlling your character, Mario, will be by tapping on the screen. The aesthetic that Nintendo is using is from the New Super Mario Bros. version.

There will be two modes in this game. The more competitive mode will be called “Toad Rally.” This mode is timed, and you increase your time by getting coins. You will not be playing against anybody in real time, but instead you will see the “ghost” of other players as you battle through the stage.

Default Mode is the other mode. In this mode, you can tap on the screen to jump as you battle your way through levels. Like traditional Mario levels, there is a flag pole at the end of each one. It is not clear if there is a set number of stages, or if this game will be procedurally generated.

Nintendo also released that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing for iOS will be delayed until 2017. iOS 10 users will be able to use some Nintendo stickers in the new messaging app. Super Mario Run will be free on the iOS App Store, but you can purchase the game to unlock all of the features. It is scheduled to release in December for only iOS. 

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