PlayStation 4 Slim and PRO Announced

Sony is holding a press “meeting” in New York City today to showcase their new PlayStation 4 hardware. They announced that the PlayStation 4 Slim will be replacing their current PlayStation model. Also, the PlayStation 4 PRO was announced.

The PlayStation 4 PRO is a model that is essentially a beefy version of the current PlayStation 4. Mark Cerny, Lead System Architect at Sony, took to the stage to talk more about the system. The PRO will feature an upgrade GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) that will be more than double the power of the current model. The CPU on the PRO will be boosted to speeds “much higher” than the current model. PlayStation 4 PRO will utilize a 1 terabyte HDD at launch.

The main aspect of the PlayStation 4 PRO that Sony showed off was the 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) gaming. The stream was not in 4K, nor did it support HDR, so people watching at home did not really understand how good looking this console is outputting. Sony says that the video will be available for download after the meeting so people with 4K televisions will be able to understand. Games that are already out, like Deus Ex and Shadow’s of Mordor, will also be supported by PlayStation 4 PRO. PlayStation 4 PRO will be releasing November 10th at $399 USD.

PlayStation 4 Slim leaked a couple weeks ago. Andrew House, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, walked on stage to unveil the Slim. This model will be replacing the current model of the PS4 and is releasing September 15th, next week. It will be $299 USD at launch. Slim will be lighter and also more energy efficient.

Andrew House also announced that every PlayStation 4 will receive an upgrade, next week, that boosts them to be HDR capable.

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