EVE Online Adopting Free-To-Play Method

EVE Online will be opting to take a different subscription path this November. CPP Games announces that EVE Online will have a subscription free method of playing it’s main title. This method of playing the game is because of “Clone States.”

These Clone States have to deal with how you chose to play EVE Online. Alpha Clones will be created when a player chooses to play EVE without having to pay a monthly subscription. These clones will not have access to all of the features that players who pay to play the game will have. As an Alpha Clone, players will still be able to access most of the game’s features. The restrictions are felt when you are trying to progress on your Alpha Clone. Skills and character development are trained at a slower rate. This is a stepping stone model that is being used to propel players into the subscription model method.

If you want to pay for EVE with the current monthly subscription, your character will be created as an Omega Clone. This type of access includes everything that the current EVE subscribers have. If you start playing the game with an Alpha Clone, you can upgrade your character at any time to an Omega Clone. If you let your Omega Clone’s subscription lapse, it will be transferred to an Alpha Clone state.

This change is really important for a game like EVE. CPP Games has claimed that this game was specifically developed with a subscription model in mind. They have said that this change is coming in hopes that the game will experience new growth. The update is said to be coming this November.