The Final Station Promo Art

Post-Apocalyptic Locomotive Game, The Final Station, Available For Pre-Purchase Now

Trains and the end of the world: it’s not often that these two themes meet, which makes The Final Station even more unique. Set in a dying world, your mission is to look after your passengers, keep your train operational and make sure you can always make it to the next station. For a short time only, players can pre-purchase the game on Steam with an extra 20% off, making the standard edition just £8.79/$11.59.

The Final Station is a combination simulator/shooter/exploration, developed by Do My Best Games and published by tinyBuild. Traversing the world by rail is only part of the game: once you’ve made it to the station it’s pure survival as you blast your way through swarms of infected, looking for supplies and survivors. Some stations are even living and let you trade items and start quests.

TFS_screen (4)The game boasts over 30 train station and railway levels with an ever-changing world, where the environment tells the story of the people who have left it. If that’s not enough to convince you to check it out, it features an adorable 2D pixel-art style, has Steam achievements and has full controller support.

For people who like extra things with their games, you can also pre-purchase The Final Station Collector’s Edition, which costs £10.78/$14.22 via Steam. With this you get the full game, the soundtrack and the artbook DLC.

TFS_screen (6)

The Final Station will be available on 30th August 2016 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Mac OSX. You can find you more information via the official game websiteFacebook page and Twitter.