Pokemon Appraisal

Pokemon Go Update Adds Pokemon Appraisal, With Hilarious Results

It’s a long-standing tradition that people give their Pokemon strange names. Some are just funny. Others are crude (you all know who you are). This tradition has lived on in the latest Pokemon game, as Niantic add a new feature to Pokemon Go.

The latest update, taking it to version 0.35.0 for Android and 1.5.0 for iOS, implemented a Pokemon Appraisal system, where your respective gym leader will analyse your Pokemon’s attack and defense stats to determine which has the most potential for battle. Getting your Pokemon appraised is pretty simple: after updating the app, select your Pokemon and press the Appraise button, which can be found in the round menu where Transfer and Favourite are hidden.

The Team Leaders will respond with a few pieces of text which relate to your training and your Pokemon’s IV’s. Thankfully (as someone who doesn’t really IV train) one Reddit user, ygorwr, has helpfully worked out what each answer means:

Pokemon Go Appraisal

You can also get a significantly more detailed explanation from Gamepress , which covers each of the 3 team’s answers. The update also mentioned that Niantic are “still working hard on several new and exciting features”, which seems to cover trading and the improvement in Gym functionality, as well as fixes.

As you can probably guess, players are loving having their Team Leaders read out a wide variety of Pokemon nicknames.

Have you been using the new Appraisal feature? Show us your best or most entertaining appraisals in the comments!