PlayStation 4 Slim Leak Confirmed

This weekend was full of rumors. The internet was buzzing with speculation of the PlayStation 4 Slim edition ahead of Sony’s September 7th event. A bunch of pictures were making their way around NeoGAF and other video game forums and website, but Eurogamer finally confirms that these rumors are indeed true.


Richard Leadbetter, from Digital Foundry, visited the residence of the person who actually bought this PS4 Slim model from Gumtree in the United Kingdom. Leadbetter recorded some video of the console actually booting up, both he and Eurogamer report that this is actually real. This video was quickly taken down this afternoon, but below is a screenshot from the video.


At E3 this year in June, Microsoft announced their plans to release a slimmer Xbox One as well as a more powerful edition. Sony recently announced an event for September 7th in which reports point towards them announcing a more powerful PlayStation 4. What was not already know was if there was going to be a slimmer model of the PS4, until now.

ps4slim 3

The PlayStation 4 slim will be released shortly after the September event, according to Eurogamer.