Ubisoft Announces Two Multiplayer Modes in Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft took time at Gamescom to announce two multiplayer modes in the upcoming Watch Dogs 2.

The more interesting of the two modes is called “Bounty Hunter” mode: if you spend too much time killing civilians or “causing too much chaos,” you could end up with a bounty contract on your character. Up to three new players can invade your current game and hunt you down to try and get a nice reward. If you manage to hunt those three players down before they get to you, you can get an even larger reward. This is a lot like the system that is in place in Ubisoft’s The Division, but it seems to make more sense in a game like Watch Dogs 2.

The other mode may feel familiar from the previous title, and is called “Hacking Invasions”. Characters will invade your game and attempt to hack you by downloading some of your data. Your objective is to use your devices and hacking ability to find them and take them down.

On top of these more PVP-focused modes, there is an additional online co-op mode that can be taken advantage of. Players can run around the city doing missions and picking up Bounty Hunter contracts. In their latest trailer, Ubisoft said that the co-op mode will have “an endless series of missions”, which sounds promising but one can only wonder how far “endless” will really go.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 is coming out November 15 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.