Report: PlayStation Now Coming to PC This Month

If you’ve ever thought something along the lines of “all I want to do right now is play my PlayStation 3 games on my computer,” then it might just be your lucky day. According to French gaming site Gamekult, PlayStation Now will be coming to the PC this month.

The report claims that August 30th is the release date for the United States and Canada while Belgium, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom will be able to stream their PlayStation 3 games a week earlier. There is also a requirement of running at least Windows 7, having a 5 MB/s internet connection, and also a “compatible controller.”

If you use a current Dual Shock three or four controller with a PC, it will only work with a wired connection. Perhaps Sony will take a page out of Microsoft’s book and offer a relatively cheap USB dongle to make the Dual Shock controllers wireless, or maybe even a downloadable software instead. Only time will tell with that!

I have reached out to Sony for a comment but so far have had no reply. PlayStation Now currently costs $19.99 USD a month  features over 400 different PlayStation 3 games.