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Primal Legends, a unique blend of Competitive Match-3, RTS and TCG, releases today!

Been looking for your latest mobile gaming fix? Look no further than Primal Legends, described as an “innovative blend of Match-3, real-time strategy and trading card games”.

Developed by international game studio Kobojo (the same team that gave us Mutants: Genetic Gladiators), Primal Legends challenges you to assemble an army of Heroes and lead the battle against the spreading corruption in the enchanting land of Theria – sounds pretty awesome right? Featuring 200 levels and a variety of ferocious bosses, there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into. Primal Legends not only lets you fight your way across the pre-designed levels, but also challenge players from around the globe in real-time PvP combat.

Additionally, in true trading card style, players adapt not only their playing strategies but also their decks: assembling the strongest team and evolving a roster of over 40 Heroes – with the promise of more to come!

In the Primal Legends press release, we’re treat to a little Primal Legends 101:

Each Primal Legends battle begins with a straightforward concept: matching units on the board so that groups of three or more of the same color can attack the enemy by taking out their troops, chipping away at opponent Heroes or directly damaging your opponent! At the same time, matched units charge up powerful Hero characters that you can wield with devastating results. However, not all Heroes deal direct damage; some heal or protect soldiers, while others increase their attack power … or even assassinate enemy Heroes! It’s up to you to assemble the best possible team by discovering (and leveraging) the synergies between each Hero.

The careful application of basic troop attacks as well as the judicious use of Heroes is essential if you are to beat each of the game’s 200 levels. Objectives can be varied: dropping the enemy’s hit points to zero, aiming at specific targets in the enemy camp, and much more.

If all that hasn’t swayed you to check it out, take a look at the official trailer below:

Primal Legends is available to download now for iOS and Android devices through the respective App Store or Google Play. The game itself is free to play and contains optional in-app purchases. So why not give it a go? I challenge you to master all 200 levels!