Maybe No Man’s Sky Got It Right? Their Space Travel Mechanics, We Mean!

At this point you’ve probably heard about No Man’s Sky and its vast randomly generated universe. You’ve probably heard of the two players that attempted an in-game rendezvous only to be disappointed by the lack of each other’s presence within their own games. Players are now in an uproar wondering if the features the developers mentioned before the game’s release will actually be available, specifically the online and multiplayer elements.


I’m going to offer a conflicting point and explain why these two players might have been unable to meet up with each other in the game. No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game that requires players travel at light speed to reach neighboring star systems; this makes meeting up with other players highly unlikely. Take the classic twin example; one twin is tasked with a deep space trip at 95% the speed of light while the second twin stays behind. The space-bound twin clocks in 10 years after returning home, while the Earth-bound twin has run up 32 years. This is because the astronaut’s twin is traveling at relativistic speeds (which are speeds which are a significant portion of the speed of light).

My theory is that our characters in No Mans Sky have their own personal “clock”, so even if multiple players were in the same moment in space, they would be in different moments in time and therefore unable to meet. All that light speed travel makes it increasingly difficult for us to run into each other, which explains why two players running into each other would be a momentous occasion, or “mind blowing” as Sean Murray tweeted.


On the other hand this could just be a mistake on the part of the developers: perhaps they simply removed this feature and we just expected too much. It’s a nice theory to think about though, and No Man’s Sky is still a great space exploration game without other players jumping into your gameplay. We can make our final decision on this whole matter once the dust settles and we can get a clearer picture.

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