Leak: New Pokemon Trickle Out

Pokemon fever has infected most of the world lately in one way or another. If you aren’t playing Pokemon GO on your cell phone then you are probably in great anticipation for the upcoming releases of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have done a great job of showing new Pokemon and features of Sun and Moon by releasing a new trailer every so often, but this time, there’s been a leak of new information prior to a new trailer release.

In 2016, how is 4chan still a relevant source of information? Somehow it is, because users on the site have posted clips and pictures of new Pokemon, new Alolan forms of older Pokemon, and “Team Skull,” the new rival group to the game. Apparently, these users over on 4chan got their hands on the next trailer.

Plumeria, Team Skull “Big Sister.” Maybe this title has something to do with her rank?

teamskull chick

WishiWashi, water type with a “schooling” ability. Why is this little guy so sad looking? When activating “school form,” he transforms into a gigantic version of himself by attaching to all of his friends. Here is a leaked clip from the trailer showcasing this new Pokemon.



Morelull, a grass and fairy type with Illuminate and Effect Spore abilities. This is a cute looking Pokemon that makes me wonder what they evolve into. Also, Morelull is never on ‘shrooms, ‘shrooms are on Morelull (I’m sorry, but it had to be said.)


Pyukumuku, a water type with the ability “Innards Out.” This ability is not really something I understand or want to understand.


Raichu’s new Alola Form looks awesome.


Alongside these leaks, Japanese manga magazine, CoroCoro, has published their latest issue and inside has some very interesting information. There are pictures of new Alolan Forms, new Pokemon, and even mention the new Team Skull leader. Here is all of the information that I can get my hands on:

IMG_1063 IMG_1126

The Team Skull leader is named Guzma, maybe this is the “Big Brother” to go alongside Plumeria. Also in these pictures you can see an Alolan Meowth and an Alolan Marowak. There are also two new Pokemon featured in this issue. One appears to look like a sandcastle, and one looks like a dark-type bear Pokemon. Western versions of the names are not featured due to it being a Japanese magazine.

Another new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer is set to be announced this upcoming friday, as previously reported by Leviathyn’s own Sarah B. These games are set to come out on November 18, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.