Report: Sony will Hold Project ‘Neo’ Event in September

Sony will be holding an event on September 7th in New York City to announce and reveal details of their plans to release an upgraded Playstation 4 system, according to French gaming website Gameblog and also confirmed by Vice Gaming. Reports about an upgraded system first trickled out months ago around this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, but have been confirmed to Vice Gaming from an anonymous source.

This upgraded console is said to have a better CPU, GPU, more RAM, and support 4k gaming. At E3 this year, Microsoft released their plans to have an upgraded Xbox One, codenamed Scorpio. Sony might have felt pressure from Microsoft’s announcement and thrown together some sort of showcase to present Neo. According to this report, unnamed sources said Sony was “still nailing down what would actually be shown,” at this upcoming September event.

Sony had confirmed that ‘Neo’ was in the works earlier this year. Andrew House, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO, had said that Neo would not replace the Playstation 4, and that it would run along side of it as a “compliment” to the system.

Sony has had the upper hand for this console generation, but being behind Microsoft’s announcement for an upgraded system might not go well for Sony. Keeping a lead in this market is hard enough, but making up ground is just as difficult for companies. The Xbox project ‘Scorpio’ set the bar very high with it’s upcoming components, hopefully Sony can follow suit.


Source Gameblog , Vice Gaming