Nurse Love Addiction Game Review


I was able to spend some time playing Nurse Love Addiction by Kogado Studio on Steam and I have to tell you I was very impressed. Normally I review Anime Conventions but as I am new to reviewing video games, please bare with me.

The game is more of a virtual story book that you get to make choices throughout, almost like the choose your own adventures books of my childhood. Everything is in the Manga setting and the people’s voices are all in Japanese. There are English sub-titles and the translation seems almost perfect.


The story follows a young girl Asuka in training to become a nurse. You, as the choice maker, create relationships with other students as well as some of the instructors, specifically Ms. Ohara her main interest. The girls are most of the time dressed in cute little dresses and nighties a lot. I was only able to play for little over an hour, but it seems like all of the characters in the story are female and have an interest in you. There is what seems to me to be sexual tension between you and a few of the other people in the game, and then interface allows you to attempt to explore this.


There are some comical areas of the game while you are in class and on the street bumping into the school staff and other classmates. At one point you find your instructor’s key outside late at night and see her in a jogging uniform , in which you engage in a jumble of embarrassing dialog.

In short the graphics are spot on for the Anime/Manga type game. The sound quality and voice acting is also very crisp and thoroughly authentic sounding. The interface itself allows you to skip scenes, pause, or skip straight to the next set of choices. The skipping to choices was extremely helpful for me  since I was unable to actually save the game. Each time I tried to load my last save, nothing was there to select. I think that if this is the only negative thing I can find in this game, then they hit a homerun.

If you enjoy stories where you get to sit back and observe with a a little bit of interaction for character choices, then definitely pick this up. You can find this on Steam for $39.99. I would keep an eye on this developer as they are definitely going to keep producing quality stories and games for quite some time.