Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Could Officially Come To Other Regions This Week

Pokemon fans should get their best walking shoes ready as a new report suggests that Pokemon Go could be officially releasing in the Europe, Japan and other regions “within the next few days”. It’s a promise that players have heard before (after the initial staggered release ended with North America), but this one may be worth paying attention to.

A report published today by the Wall Street Journal says that it will “likely be available in other regions, including Europe, Japan and other Asian nations within a few days”. The information apparently comes from people who are familiar with the game plans, so we’ll have to wait and see how truthful that actually is! Thousands of other players have already installed the game using the .apk file or by changing their I-device’s region, which hasn’t helped with any server issues. The report also showed a $9 billion increase in Nintendo’s market value, and the game has already topped download charts in the Australia, New Zealand and the US. Talk about an instant craze!

While waiting for the game servers to finally stabalise, Ninantic’s CEO John Hanke talked to Business Insider about the future of Pokemon Go and what could be coming next – the ability to trade your Pokemon with friends, for starters. Hanke said that trading was “a core element” and “tied in nicely with one of Pokemon Go’s core virtues, which is that it encourages players to interact with each other in both the virtual and real worlds”. Trading is a necessary game aspect for any trainer wanting to complete their Pokedex, so it makes sense to have it in the first update. Additional points included improvements to the game’s augmented reality, even coming to dedicated AR devices one day.

As one of the fewer players waiting for the official release, all I can say is that that I hope it comes out early this week, rather than later.