Genesis: The Next Open World Survival To Keep An Eye On

Survival/ Open World/ Crafting games seem to be all the rage since Minecraft and DayZ landed in the hands of gamers (not even fully completed games at the time). With copies of copies hitting Steam every other week are there any games from this genre that can offer anything new that we haven’t seen before; Genesis might be the answer.

Genesis is still in it’s stages of development but it can be argued that’s the best time to start following the game, at the time when the developers working on the game are willing to take ideas and suggestions from the fans to make the game better.

What id Genesis? It follows a similar formula to the game ARK: Survival Evolved (but without the dinosaurs); you’re stranded on a vast planet and have to find a way to survive by utilizing everything available to you. The concept of survival and crafting might be the same but that’s were the similarities end because Genesis strive to have an even more expansive crafting system than I’ve ever seen before (you can be sure it can become even more massive since the game is still in development).


They have a system in place for Wood and Stone crafting (not a new concept but it’s there) that outlines simply how handle your materials.


There’s also a metals section which looks more abundant but very easy to follow.

There is much more crafting available and if you want to check out all the crafting charts for yourself which include wood & stone, metals, minerals, plants, animals, and even a study plan system be sure to head over to the Genesis website.

So we’ve talked about the gameplay elements of Genesis but what’s the story exactly? From what we know so far, you play a character sent on a mission to retrieve a package but once you get to the coordinates your ship gets shot down and your forced to make an emergency landing. Did I forget to mention this game starts of with you in space? Yeah, you start of in space.

As y0u make your escape to the planet below you crash and now you must find a way to survive on this planet, which is not deserted, until you can eventually find your way off of it. And if you want the visual representation of my short description of the game watch the trailer for Genesis.

If you want to stay in loop for everything Genesis be sure to check them out their Steam Greenlight Campaign and Indiegogo Campaign (their Indiegogo rewards are actually really cool).

Let’s keep on eye on this and try to add anything we haven’t seen in any other Survival games yet onto Genesis.