Pokemon Origins: Review

Pokemon: the origins follows the story of a young boy name red in the small town of Pallet town who is called over to professor Oak’s laboratory along with his neighbor and long term rival Green ( or blue in the English version). It is here that Red receives the first Pokedex and it told to record every Pokemon he catches for it is Oak’s life dream to collect the information from every Pokemon.

The series follows the same line as the Red and Blue games did back in 1996 but gives it a new, fresh paint job to appeal to both those who played the game back in the day but also to the younger audiences that are either been subject to the newer generations or have not yet watched the main anime series. The game mechanics that are in both Red/Blue and nearly every one of the main Pokemon game since the release are used through the four episodes. These game mechanics really brought the whole series together as it was easy to relate to and remember the little details from the original games.They didn’t over use it to the point of fan pandering but it was there just enough so you knew what was going on and how the story was being told.


As the story takes the same road as the first games did there really isn’t many holes in the plot, or at least there isn’t in my eyes. The well round plot always seemed clear of holes and have a great deal of continuity even with how early on it was. Even now we can look back and realize how much detail they really went into with the story. However one of the issues that kept arising was the pacing. The pacing during the episodes caused no issues: there was enough time in each episodes to explain and play out the events without causing the plot to be rushed or for the dialogue to be skipped over but it was with the time lapse between each episode. At the beginning of each episode was a time lapse of what Red had accomplished between each episode.This was done as the series was only short however it would of been nice to see a few of the gym battles in full or the slice of live moments with Red and other trainers but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

Team Rocket made an appearance in this series as they were the first ‘bad guys’ to appear in the series. They are portrayed as their game counterparts which is a massive step up from their petty and blundering ways of the main anime series. It was very enjoyable to see them as a group of thugs that want to use pokemon as a tool and a means of taking over the world. It really brought in a good chunk of continuity to the series and kept it true to the games characters.


It was also nice detail to see the animators use the correct proportions of the pokemon to the humans.The main series has a bad habit of not using the proportions correctly and it isn’t as visually aesthetically pleasing as it is in the Origins. Along with using correctly sized pokemon where we get to see just how they size up to their trainers, but we also get a fresh new animation style. After eighteen seasons of the same anime style it’s great to see a slightly matured style for this short series. It let’s the viewers have a break from the original style but it isn’t too far away from it is completely alien to the Pokemon franchise.

Introducing the mega evolutions into Red and Blue was a risky option but the delivery was executed in such a way it wasn’t sudden brought up like it was just before the X and Y generation. The mega evolutions have only been around for the latest set of games and before this they were non existent in the Pokemon world. Though it is true they were carefully thought about before they were introduced, they were not released into the public eyes. However they are introduced into the anime isn’t bashful or sharp but it slowly welds it into the overarching plot of the story, the stones become an important part of where the plot is going and how Red is able to grow as a person and trainer. That being said there could of been a little more detail into the stones origin and why they caused such a massive change in pokemons genetics that it forces on a new evolution for a short period of time. Overall they were a good source of foreshadowing of things to come later on.

The voice actors tied these existing character together with the voices brought in by Bryce Papenbrook ( Red) and Lucien Dodge (Blue). Both of these men have a ranged talent when it comes to voice acting and have worked together on both Sword Art Online and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. These along with the other voice actors all compliment each other and fit their character very well.