Review of Buffalo, New York Comicon

Review of Buffalo Comicon

Comic books, cosplay, and video games. Yes it’s time for a convention. I was given the opportunity to attend the Buffalo Comicon hosted by Queen City Comics here in Buffalo, New York.

For the last fifteen years Emil Novak has running this convention for all of us comic and cosplay people. Emil owns Queen City Comics located at 3184 Main St, Buffalo, NY where I have been known to pick up a few of my favorite Batman and Harley Quinn novels. This is only the second year that the Buffalo Comicon was held at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center in downtown Buffalo. This Venue was a huge upgrade for Queen City as they were previously hosting the event at local hotels, but needed the increase due to the high demand of attendees. I was there on Saturday, but in the eight hours of being there I easily saw over 500 people of all types coming together to enjoy the same media we all love.


This is also one of the most organized conventions that I had the opportunity to go to in this area. Upon entering the convention center, there were staffers lining people up in two lines to increase flow inside smoothly. There were also security officers available to ensure everyone’s safety that also assisted in the line progression. After receiving their entry tickets (of only $15), each attendee were given a bag, schedule of events, and also a large selection of free comics just to get them ready for the true magic upstairs.

Buf Comicon Lobby

Buf Comicon Lobby

Before I start with the comics themselves, lets begin with some of the other exciting things myself and my photographer Z-is-Eternal were able to see. The main ballroom on the first floor was designated as the Gaming Room. This area was packed with many forms of entertainment that was free to use until the gaming tournaments started. Inside you had the opportunity to play most current gaming systems, which included; a LAN of PS4s, Xbox Ones, Xbox 360s, PCs, and a section to play the new Rockband 4. In the center of the room on the main stage was a fifteen foot projector screen that was used for the main fighting tournament event.

Anyone was able to register for the gaming tournaments. These games included Mortal Kombat X, Street Fighter 4, and Super Smash Brothers with a cash prize totaling $3,500. With an hour before registration ended, an estimated 250 individuals signed up to battle each other for the prize money. The style for the tournament was a double elimination with the final eight players in each game to battle it out on the main stage Sunday afternoon. I personally would have loved to sign up to crush some people in Mortal Kombat, but knowing I couldn’t attend the Sunday finals, I figured I’d let someone else take that spot.


There were also the rooms set aside for people to play Magic the Gathering, and other tabletop games. These were setup with large eight person tables that also allowed players to have their own personal tournaments if they felt the challenge of crushing each other for fun wasn’t enough. Within the same room were vendors that sold magic cards, dice, books, heck pretty much anything you could need to setup these tabletop games.

I was only able to go to one panel at this event, but I was extremely happy with the choice I made. There was a panel with Alec Frazier speaking about his book “Without Fear- The First Autistic Superhero”. Mr. Frazier is autistic himself and wanted to not only create his own book on the subject, but also bring about more awareness to this condition. Alec tells his story of how an autistic child/superhero battles not only evil, but also everyday challenges of life. This story itself follows Tim Urich who was originally Timmy Lange from the Daredevil universe. I spoke with Alec and we are going to sit down for an interview in the future so that I’m able to go further in depth on his story and the book he has created. You can follow Alec on Twitter @AutisticReality as well as on Facebook.

Since this was not only a comicon, but also a media convention, we were honored to have the replica Impala from the show Supernatural. Chris Morabito who operates Fandom Photo let us take some pictures of the iconic beast and opened the trunk to display some of the replica weapons used in the show. He even opened up the driver side door so that our friend’s daughter could sit in the driver’s seat, which he doesn’t normally let people do. Once inside he pulled down the driver’s side and passenger side solar visors to show us the signatures of Dean, Sam, and Castiel. With any luck we will be able to get these guys to come to Detroit for Midwest Media Expo. We were even able to see the Winchester’s notebook that has information about not only the two brothers, but also some demonic rituals inside it.



Now onto the main reason you have all come here, the Comics! The entire second floor of the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center was sectioned off for each vendor’s comic area. You could find some of the most known comics in history here as well. I personally almost walked home with a 9.8 rated Killing Joke comic that I had my eye on at the beginning, but was gone when I returned. Each vendor not only had their table with boxes of comics, but also brought some of their artists and writers to sign some of the books available. Along with the comics and autographs, the venders and comic owners had displays of original artwork posters and portraits for purchase.


Everything in the comicon was extremely reasonably priced. You had the choice to buy books from discounted boxes where comics were five for a dollar. Some of the artwork posters you could pick up from anywhere starting at ten dollars to fifty dollars pending on size and detail.

Since this was my first comicon I have to say I had a lot of fun. I am extremely happy that it was also in my hometown and not too overwhelming. However I plan on coming back to this one year after year, until I’m ready for the NYC Comicon.

For more photos of this convention please go to Lockport Expeditionary Force‘s Page run by Z-is-Eternal.