How long will Star Wars Battlefront remain relevant?


A lot of people are excited for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront and for good reason; the game looks amazing and if you played the beta you more than likely feel it plays amazing. My question still remains: How long will people stay with Star Wars Battlefront before it turns into another Destiny?

I was one of the many that could not wait for Destiny to come out. The game seemed so promising and ultimately ended up being forgotten. The game still receives updates every once in a while but you don’t really see it as front page news.

The same thing happened to Titanfall. You guys remember Titanfall right? Great game and after a while it just faded away and people went back to playing Battlefield.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to hit shelves on November 17 and is sure to keep gamers entertained for countless hours, but how long will the game be the reason for gamers to turn on the console or PC? Star Wars Episode 7 comes out in mid-December, so if any gamers lose a bit a steam between the release of the game and the premiere of the (unlikely) the movie is sure to put them back in the mood to play.

So how long will people keep playing Star Wars Battlefront? Star Wars Battlefront will be relevant for quite some time. Star Wars isn’t a new IP trying to prove to gamers that it’s worth their time. Star Wars is a well-known and established universe with more than enough to offer and with enough history that adding more to the game will probably not be a problem.

The force is strong in this one.

Enjoy some gameplay to prepare you for November 17th.